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Moral Culpability in the Garden

Did Adam and Eve have moral culpability in the Garden before they ate from the tree of knowledge of Good and Evil? It would seem that they were like small children in that sense, they were amoral--not ...
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Would Adam and Chava have been permitted the tree of knowledge if they'd waited?

I've long been somewhat troubled by the episode with the tree in the garden, because it seems like it was necessary for man to acquire knowledge (how else could we enter a covenant and accept the yoke ...
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2 answers

How does the tree of life work?

There were two special trees in Gan Eden. In the case of the tree of knowledge of good and bad, we know that eating from it once produced a permanent effect. Was this true for the tree of life too, ...
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2 answers

Did Cain and Hevel have דעת?

Kayin and Hevel were born before Adam and Chava sinned and ate from the Tree of Knowledge. (See Rashi to 4:1.) Did Kayin and Hevel ever receive the understanding that their parents got from the fruit?...
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Was Adam placed in Gan Eden to keep the service of HaShem?

Bereshit 2:15 reads: לְעָבְדָהּ וּלְשָׁמְרָהּ, but it seems that this can't be referring to: 'to work the earth and keep it', because after the chet (the sin) it reads in Bereshit 3:23 that Adam was ...
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On the nature of 'Olam HaBa'

I have read that Olam HaBa is an idyllic state in which the world will exist after the Moshiach arrives. Is this correct? But I've also read that Olam HaBa is only for the righteous of all nations, ...
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2 answers

What was the purpose of the tree of life if Adam was created immortal?

What's the point of creating the tree of life if Adam was already immortal when created? I can understand the tree of knowledge of good and evil, since Adam was lacking in this knowledge and if he ...
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Is the story of Gan Eden Literally true?

Could it be that the story of Gan Eden, Adam, Hava and the Snake is an allegory meant to teach us lessons but not a recording of an actual event?
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1 answer

What did Adam and Chava learn after eating of the Tree?

After reading this question and its answers and related discussion, I am still left with a question (so I don't think this is an exact dulicate): Is the binary of good/evil (tov/ra) the same as right/...
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7 votes
2 answers

Why was Eliyahu Hanavi taken to heaven alive?

Why was Eliyahu chosen to be one of the very few who merited to go to Gan Eden alive? There were prophets greater than him (Moshe, for example). There were people that kept the Torah better than him (...
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Was Adam with Chava when she first ate the fruit?

My impression (since childhood) of the incident in the garden is that the serpent persuaded Chava to eat, and then she took some fruit to Adam and he ate it. This question asks if he knew where the ...
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Purpose of Torah in Gan Eden

We know from several midrashim (see first chapter of Midrash Tanchuma to Bereshit) that Torah had already existed before the world was created. It should have contained all the positive and negative ...
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2 answers

Did The Snake In The Garden Of Eden Have Free Will?

I heard that all of creation recognizes Hashem and is obedient to Hashem, and that humans are the only creation from Hashem that have free will. So why is it that the snake in the garden of Eden was ...
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1 answer

What mitzvos did Adam have in Gan Eden?

Which mitzvos did Adam have before eating from the tree? Posible options: 1 - Not to eat from the tree. 2 - (the above +) to have children. 8 - (the above +) 6 mitvos 9 - (the above +) tzedoko
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Beresheit 3:21: What was the material Hashem used to cover Adam and Chava?

I'm seeking a general consensus on what material Hashem used to clothe Adam and Chava. I realize there are various translations stating they were leather or animal skins. Commentaries range from ...
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Could animals in Eden eat the forbidden fruit of knowledge and what would happen to them?

I don't see an objection to the fact that the animals of Eden have different diets prior to Adam's sin. And many animals eat fruits: mammals, birds, worms, etc, especially "the tree was good for ...
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2 answers

Adom eating from tree of knowledge

Why didn't Adom eat from the tree of life first and then eat from the tree of knowledge so he can live forever? Do any Medroshim discuss this?
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3 answers

The serpent of Gan Eden [duplicate]

Does the Torah mean that there really was a "talking snake," or was it just a symbol of the Yetzer Hara (Satan/adversary)?
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why Adam and Eve felt shame?

after Adam and Eve ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, it says: "And the eyes of both of them were opened, and they knew that they were nak-ed, and they sewed fig leaves and made ...
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Where was Adam when Chava cheated with the snake?

Where Adam was when Chava was sinning with the snake? For me, it looks that Eden doesn't seem to be a huge place to walk around and Adam was so excited to have a woman by his side, also Adam and ...
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