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Working in a Potentially Sinful Industry

I work for a company that provides a service that is considered morally objectionable by some Rabbis (see Gambling at casino). The work I do is generic, in that the output could potentially be used to ...
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Can Jews buy lottery tickets?

I am confused as to whether buying lottery tickets is prohibited. I know that gambling is prohibited because it is considered to be a "theft" in that people expect to win but often don't. However, ...
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Is it halachically permissible for a Jew to own a casino?

For the purpose of my question, assume that the modern casinos have games which, on average, favor the house. They don't win every spin of the roulette wheel, nor every throw of the dice, but the ...
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According to the opinions that playing cards is not stealing, would cheating in the game be considered stealing?

While most halachic authorities consider gambling and card games to be stealing, according to the opinion(s) that permit it, would cheating in the game qualify as stealing? Since cheating is a ...
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is there an allowability to gamble/bet

I heard from a Rav that you are allowed to gamble/bet if it is not for your livelihood. How accurate is this? I heard the reason why you would not be allowed to is because it can be theft. Please ...
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Is investing in the stock market gambling?

Judaism takes a very dim view of gambling. A gambler may not be a witness in a trial, because he is untrustworthy and is not involved in a productive occupation. [Sanhedrin 3:3] But is investing in ...
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Gambling on Chanukah

There already exists on this site, discussions about gambling in halacha - see here, here and here etc. I would like to focus specifically within the context of Chanukah and an apparent minhag (custom)...
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Is The Biggest Loser considered gambling?

A friend of mine recently attempted to create a The Biggest Loser knockoff in his school. The basic premise was that each "contestant" would contribute $10 to compete, and the winner(s) would take ...
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Halachic permissibility of playing cards (i.e., poker) for money

Are there any important halachic issues related to gambling--specifically, on card games? (I'm thinking Texas Hold 'Em, but kvitlach also comes to mind.) Obviously it can't be done on Shabbos or Yom ...
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Is betting on board games/chess gambling

If someone makes a bet on something like chess or a board game, (we’ll include some types of card games as well), does that count as gambling in Halacha? Gambling (between Jews) is prohibited de-...
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Are there any rabbinic opinions on gambling for fantasy football?

I do not particularly know the halachot of gambling, however, I have heard that under certain circumstances playing fantasy football might be allowed, if you do not expect to win money. I do not know ...
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Does accepting lottery winnings count as benefiting from a miracle?

The gemara in Nedarim 50 (and many other places) discusses how various rabbis refused to benefit at all from miracles, turning down gold and jewels, warehouses of grain, etc. In the gemara, finding ...
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Response to Gambling and Poker for recreational enjoyment

What are some of the modern day responses from Gedolim in the Jewish world on individuals who spend time gambling, playing cards etc., outside of a casino?
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Wearing a keepa in a casino [duplicate]

Would it be better to wear or not wear a keepa at a casino? This is assuming the gambling is just recreational, and not directly with the intent to make money. Additionally, woul this even be allowed?
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Horse Racing in Halacha

I have been doing some reading and I see some pages which say that horse racing is frowned upon by halacha (but without sources) as running afoul of tza'ar ba'alei chayim (a comment here, and here, ...
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Is a Flying-sign (panhandling) "bet" legit?

A flying-sign panhandler had a sign that read: I bet you $1 you won't read this sign. I thought it was clever and humorous so I gave him $1 and wished him well. By giving him $1 did I accept the ...
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