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Questions tagged [gabbai]

Questions pertaining to the duties of the gabbai (beadle), who takes care of the day-to-day operations of a shul or Beis Medrash (particularly, in choosing who should lead the various parts of the prayer service).

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Kibbudim for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur

I'm looking for a list of every time the Aaron kodesh gets opened and closed on RH and YK. Ideally I'd also really appreciate page numbers in the Artscroll or Koren siddurim. I'm making cards to ...
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How to announce "not to say mashiv haruach" since such an announcement is improper?

The Mishnah Berurah (114:3) says: ולהכריז להדיא שיפסקו מלומר מוריד הגשם ג"כ אין נכון מפני שנראה כממאנים בגשמים ... ע"כ פסק הרמ"א בס"ג שנוהגין שלא להפסיק מלהזכיר גשם עד תפלת המנחה ...
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At which point during the Torah reading on Shabbat is it appropriate to recite the prayer for the sick (מי שברך לחולים)?

Is there a correct or preferred point (aliyah) during the Shabbat Torah reading at which the traditional "mi shebeirach lecholim" prayer for the sick should be recited by the gabbai? If such ...
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In prayer for sick, can one name count for two people?

On Shabbat morning, the gabbai prays for the sick to be healed and reads out a list of names of sick people, that was provided by the community. In the case where two sick people have the same name (...
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Should a Gabbai correct the Ba'al Kri'ah on "questionable" kri / ktiv anomalies?

There are several places in the Torah where there is a "questionable" Kri / Ktiv anomaly. See Vayikra 18:27 as an example. There, the word is written as האל but there is a note stating that some ...
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Someone said the closing Torah blessing instead of the opening one. What should he do?

A person who is called for an aliyah L'Torah said the closing blessing (אשר נתן) instead of the opening one (אשר בחר). He did say Barchu. Assuming that the Torah reader has not begun reading, which ...
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asking a cohen whether he wants to perform a mitzva in shul

Once when I was a gabbai in a very small jewish community, we had two cohanim: one was our Rabbi and usually I gave him an aliya l'torah -called him up for a torah reading. The other was secular and ...
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process for Gabbai to call his son to the Torah

If the father is the Gabbai ,how should he call his son up for an Aliyah ? Does the father use his own name for example Yaakov ben Moshe? or Yaakov Bnee?
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V'yaazor v'yagen... and no amen

On Shabbat, the gabbai calls the kohen to the Torah with the following formula: ויעזור ויגן ויושיע לכל החוסים בו ונאמר אמן. הכל הבו גודל... I have never heard anyone say amen after the prompt. Why ...
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Titles and prefixes for calling people up to the Torah

When people are called up to the Torah by name, often there is a title that goes with them, such as "ha-bachur" for a young man, "ha-rav" for a rabbi (and/or someone with semicha), and other such ...
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training gabbaim for Kri'at Hatorah

I have been a Ba'al Kri'ah (Torah reader) for the past approx. 30 years. I try to be diligent about both word pronunciation and proper trope. There are several places where accenting the wrong ...
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Best practices for well-circulating Hoshanot

What can a congregation or an individual chazzan do to make the Hoshanot work as well as possible, logistically? I've been to many Sukkot services, especially on Hoshana Raba (HR), in which the ...
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what are the duties of the two gabbaim on the bimah?

One gabba calls people up, is there a term for that? Is there another gabba that instructs the gabba that does the calling up, as to who to call up? I've heard of a situation where one gabba may ...
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Correcting tav/sav

If someone who usually pronounces the letter "ת" without a dagesh as "sav" is leining Torah, and he accidentally says "tav" in a place where he would normally say "sav", should the gabbai correct him? ...
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Gabai speaking during chazaras hashatz, kaddish or kriyas hatorah for the sake of the tzibbur

Is a gabai allowed to speak during chazaras hashatz, kaddish and/or kriyas hatorah for the sake of the tzibbur (e.g. to ask someone if they are a Kohen or Levi)?
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What can a Gabbai do if no one wants to Daven from the Amud?

As a Gabbai Sheni I have noticed that often the Gabbai has a difficult time getting someone to daven from the Amud. Some Shuls have paid Chazonim, yet others can not afford that. What can a Gabbai do ...
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Refusing to Daven from the Amud

According to Bruchos 34a, one should initially refuse to Daven for the Amud, so as to feel unworthy of the duty and to not look too eager to do it. The first time one is asked he should refuse, the ...
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mi shebeirach for yourself when calling a relative up for an aliyah

I have been looking at the halachot for a son who is the gabbai and who calls his father up for an aliyah here and I know that there was a question about it, but my question is about after the aliyah. ...
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How does a son call up his father for an Aliyah?

Suppose a son is the Gabbai in a Shul and needs to call up his father for an aliyah (or his brother who is the son of his father). Does the son say his father's name? Does he say something else ...
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When to say "Yehallelu" by Mincha Shabbos Afternoon?

Chabad starts the Half-Kaddish by Mincha Shabbos afternoon just after Hagbahah and continuing the Kaddish until the Sefer Torah is put back in the Aron. Since one should not interrupt in the middle ...
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Order of names in a meshabarach after an aliyah

Is there any specific order in the list of names in a meshabarach after an aliyah? For instance, does my wife get listed first,or my parents? Do Grandkids get listed after their parents or only after ...
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When saying the Mi SheBerach prayer for a sick amputee, do you say "for his 248 limbs"?

The standard text of the Mi She-Berach prayer for the sick asks that G-d send healing "to his 248 limbs and 365 sinews." What if someone, G-d forbid, lost a foot a few years ago; and now prayers are ...
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What is the origin of giving “Pesicho” to the expectant husband?

What is the origin of the practice of giving “pesicho” (the honor of opening the Ark) to the husband whose wife is expecting a baby?
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