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Is a Defendant required to appear in Beth Din if the Plaintiff doesn't provide any evidence or witnesses?

Suppose Reuven shows up in Beth Din and says that he is owed $100,000 by Shimon. He does not provide any documentation or any witnesses beyond his own words. The Beth Din sends a summons to Shimon to ...
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Definition of "witness" for purposes of Devarim 19:15

According to Devarim 19:15, conviction requires two or three witnesses. To be a witness, what must an individual have "seen" or "known" per Vayikra 5:1? Would they need to see or ...
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Are there any exceptions to the two-witness rule in Devarim 19:15?

What role, if any, should circumstantial evidence play in halachic courts dealing with criminal matters? Are there ever any exceptions to the requirement of two witnesses to convict someone of a crime?...
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Is basing one’s self worth on his achievements a Jewish idea?

David Burns, one of the founders of CBT, refers to the belief that one’s worth is entirely based upon his achievements as “Achievement Addiction”, and notes that there are many disadvantages to this ...
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Sanhedrin - investigating the evidence, the body and the crime scene?

As I get it, in the Jewish Law, the whole trial is based exclusively on interrogating the witnesses of all the details, but not a need for shreds of evidence or investigation of the crime scene. Say ...
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Insight into Divine Nature of Torah [closed]

I would like to present a very interesting insight which may help people see the divine nature of the Torah. In order of frequency, the following letters appear in the Torah. Yud (31,531); Vav (30513)...
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Get proves gerus?

Can a get (bill of divorce) suffice as evidence of proper gerus (conversion), assuming one was born a non-Jew? If so, under what circumstances? For the man or for the woman (or both)?
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Why don't we rely on Anan Sahadi for murder cases?

The Rambam writes in his Sefer HaMitzvos Lavim #290: "Even if A pursues B with intent to kill, and B takes refuge in a house, and the pursuer follows him, and we enter after them and find B in ...
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