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The prohibition against eating a limb that was removed from a live animal.

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May one eat limb of a living Ben pekuah

According to Halacha, Jews and non-Jews alike are prohibited from eating the limb of a living animal as one the noahide laws, known as Ever Min Hachai. My question is, is there no prohibition of Ever ...
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Does brain death count as death for animals and ever min hachai

According to Halacha, is Brain death in animals considered death for the purposes of Ever Min hachai? So could a brain dead animal have its limb removed and eaten for noahides? Obviously Jews have to ...
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Does swallowing a whole creature fall under Evar Min Hachai?

Following the deleted question: "swallowing-permitted-species-alive", If one swallows a small fish or a bird or a Kosher grasshopper whole and alive, does he transgress Evar Min Hachai? If yes how ...
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