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Questions about Eliezer, the most trusted servant of Abraham.

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Eliezer's daughter and descendants

Medrash Rabah Parshas Chayai Sara 59:9 says that Eliezer had a daughter and was hoping that she would marry Yitzchak. Avraham told him you are cursed (come from a cursed family) and my son is blessed. ...
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Reconciling Eliezer's beginnings

I am trying to make sense of Eliezer's beginnings / yichus. When I started writing this, a related question popped up here but perhaps we can develop it. On the one hand we are told in Bereishis ...
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Is Eliezer's daughter anybody?

Rashi to Breishit 24:39 mentions Eliezer's daughter. Oftentimes unnamed characters have traditions linking them to named characters. Is Eliezer's daughter anybody? (and don't say "oh, she was the ...
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