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Sefer Aftarta: does it need to contain them all?

In Gittin 60a, the Talmud gives permission to write a sefer aftarta, a scroll containing just the haftarot for the year (and not full sifrei nakh). The reason given is עת לעשות לה׳ הפרו תורתך. ...
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Taz on Sefer Aftarta: why mention that printing is writing?

On the topic of a sefer aftarta (a scroll containing the haftarot of the year), the Taz writes as follows (OḤ 284:2, translation mine): ‮א"כ אפי' אם יהיו נכתבים אין להם דין ספר אלא משום עת לעשות ...
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"A time to act for Hashem" and doing whatever you want

Who under what circumstances has the right to declare that a violation of halacha is in order because "it is a time to act for Hashem"? I have by now a few times seen this posuk from Tehillim used as ...
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Why can people write Torah sheBal Peh nowadays?

This is a follow up to: Why was Torah SheBe'Al Peh not allowed to be written?. The Gemara in Temurah 14b states that one may not write Torah sheBal Peh. It then states an exception that was made ...
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