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Why eggs, onions, and garlic?

The Gemara in Niddah (17a) writes: אמר ר"ש בן יוחי ה' דברים הן שהעושה אותן מתחייב בנפשו ודמו בראשו האוכל שום קלוף ובצל קלוף וביצה קלופה והשותה משקין מזוגין שעבר עליהן הלילה והלן בבית הקברות......
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Is the partially generated animal dead?

Chulin, chapter 9, mishna 6, is discussing the ritual impurity imparted by a dead sheretz (animal of any of certain types). Note that the impurity is imparted only by a dead animal. The mishna says (...
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Price of eggs have increased... Still minhag to throw away all eggs that have something resembling a spot?

Had a thought while reading OU article about checking eggs for blood spots (this was the article by the way) The article cites Rav Feinstein zt"l for the minhag to check every egg and discard ...
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Eating an Egg Whole

Is there a basis for this custom that one may not bite into an egg which is still whole, but must be first cut or broken in two, unless it's a time of mourning (aveilut) and only then the egg is ...
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Size of an amah (אמה)

One of the our measurements is the אמה ("cubit"), for which the most usual value is 24 אצבעות. My question is, What information do we have from earlier sources (Rishon or Acharon, say, ...
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Hard Boiled Eggs

I heard second hand that one can eat hard boiled eggs on pesach, even if they were cooked in a not kosher l'pesach pot (presumably non-ben yomo?). Is this true? If so, why? Would one consequently be ...
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