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questions pertaining to halachik drinking - ranging from kiddush wine and drinking on Purim, to water for a Sotah and drinking/swallowing molten lead (sreifah)

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Drunkness on Purim and Alcoholism

Are there any poskim that formally address alcoholism and Purim? Is there a formal pesak halakha saying if one is an alcoholic, they are not to get drunk.
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One shouldn't drink water in front of others - but other drinks are OK - why?

Kitzur Shulchan Aruch 42:12 writes When you drink water, you should not drink in the presence of others, rather, turn your face away; but when drinking other liquids, you need not turn your face away....
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Hot chocolate during a meal

Would one need to make a separate bracha on hot chocolate that is drunk with the bread meal if one already made hamotzi, or does the hamotzi bracha cover it?
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Drinking from a water fountain without an Eruv on Shabbos

Assuming a water fountain is unplugged, non-electric, or somehow operational without any Melachos involved (or one is swallowing rain drops), would one have any problem consuming food or liquid from ...
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What specifically was the ancient Jewish practice of rubbing an infant's throat?

The Jewish Encyclopedia article on "Consecration" says that the later "rubbing on" of oil aka "anointing" has roots in the practice of rubbing an infant's throat in preparation for receiving a mother'...
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Is it inappropriate to eat or drink while reading the Torah? [duplicate]

Just a general question. This does not involve reciting tehillim or reading passages out loud. Just quiet reading. If not appropriate — sources?
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The minimum amount of water a Sotah must drink

I was wondering if there is a minimum amount of water a Sotah must drink in order for the water to take effect. The closest I found to this being addressed was Rashi on Bamidbar 5:13 who quotes a ...
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