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Are dreidels supposed to be fair? [closed]

In math terms, dice are expected to be "fair": every face should have the same odds of coming up on a proper roll. Before dice existed, people used pastern bones (which is knucklebone from livestock). ...
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Source for the words Nes Gadol Haya Sham

Several articles such as this one and this wikipedia article claim that the custom of the dreidel have nothing to do with Chanukah. Myjewishlearning has the following to say about the custom: In ...
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What is the source for playing dreidel on Chanuka? [duplicate]

Is there any truth to the story that the game of dreidel played on Chanuka evolved from a similar game that Jewish children played to hide their learning of Torah from the Greeks? What is the earliest ...
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Playing dreidel according the Baal Shem Tov

I saw a video some years back from Lazer Beams (Rabbi Lazer Brody) on how to play dreidel Baal Shem Tov style. I don't remember exactly how to play, and I can't find the video again. One thing in ...
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Are the letters on a dreidel supposed to be in any particular order?

This is a little silly, but... Should the letters on a dreidel be in order? Like, if you turned it right to left, should it go nun - gimel - hey - shin, because of "nes gadol haya sham"? Or are there ...
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Is there anything wrong with messing with the rules of Dreidel?

In this article on Slate, Ben Blatt calls the classic rules of Dreidel "slow and unfair," citing simulation-based statistical analysis, and proposes his own modified rules to speed up the game. Given ...
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