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Questions about milk and its derivatives. But for questions about combining milk and meat, use the basar-bechalav tag instead.

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Have infants ever been instructed to bless on mothers milk?

This biography of Rabbi Zalman Volozhin, brother of famed Rabbi Chaim, reports that at the age of one year old he was trained by his mother to recite a blessing before suckling her milk. Is such an ...
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Why do soft cheeses made by gentiles, like cottage cheese, have a hechsher, while others like mozzarella not have a hechsher?

I noticed Rav Abadi says all soft cheeses made by gentiles are kosher. Do other poskim also hold like him? If yes please post who. Both cottage cheese and mozzarella require rennet, so I'm not ...
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Length of time for waiting for hard cheese proportionate to the length of time it was aged

In a Halachic pamphlet I saw before Shavuos this year, it mentioned an opinion that one must wait after eating hard cheese one hour for every month it is aged (so if it was aged three months, three ...
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Verifying powdered milk

If someone keeps cholov Yisroel but is lenient when it comes to powdered milk, is there a halachically reliable/valid way to verify that a product is made with powdered milk as opposed to fresh milk, ...
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What makes something dairy?

In our march towards synthetic products I have come upon this product. It advertises itself as "animal free dairy". The explanation includes the following statements: Animal-free dairy is ...
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What's the heter for g'vinas akum?

In a comment elsewhere on the site, Curiouser writes: the heter for gevinas akum (based on Tosfos) was paskened l'masseh by R. Solovetichik, among others or, in other words, Rabbi Soloveitchik, ...
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May one eat cheese that is wormy?

Nitei Gavriel Shavuos 29:14 says that one may eat cheese that has worms in it, and there is no prohibition of Sheretz on it. Is this accurate? Does everyone agree with this?
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Reasons to permit milking cows on shabbos

I was listening to a history class on the Chazon Ish, and it discussed his strong opinion that it is forbidden to milk cows in a beneficial way on Shabbos. Either it has to be done through a non-Jew, ...
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Are Ricola drops pareve?

Are Ricola drops certified by Rabbi A. Yafe Schlesinger considered pareve?
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A source for parve lactobacillus plantarum?

Lactobacillus plantarum is a strain of lactic acid producing bacteria used in many food and medicine applications. Many of which are made on equipment that process chalav nachri. Some examples include ...
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Why R'Moshe Fenstein considers whey as being pareve?

Why does he considers whey as being pareve whereas it is clearly pareve only mideoraita and not midrabanan (according to Tosfot, the Rosh considers it as being dairy even mideoraita)? Sources: http://...
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Trying to understand "Dairy on Shavuos based on the Mishna Berura"

In answer to Why do we eat dairy on Shavuos "Monica Cellio" mentions "They just got the laws of kosher slaughter and weren't yet prepared". This is based on the Mishna Berura 494:12. My question on ...
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