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Do commercially produced barley matzos exist?

From what I understand, there are commercially produced matzos made from wheat (including spelt) and rye and oats. For some reason, I cannot find commercially produced barley matzos. Do they exist? If ...
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What bracha should be made on a smoothie with oats?

I know that typically on a smoothie one makes a shehakol, as in most beverages, however since oats are one of the 5 species of grain that are considered primary, and therefore in most cases are ...
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Parched grain at seder

Pesachim 109a has קליות given to the kids at Seder. Is there an issue of this "parched grain" being chametz? How would it be made? Like matzah? How would they make it appealing to kids?
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Are American Paskesz Products Yoshon?

Are American Paskesz grain products, such as Mini Trios Bites, yoshon year round? Is there a way to determine from, e.g., a package code if/when they are yoshon? (Paskesz cookies under Rav Westheim ...
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