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Can tzedakah be given from cryptocurrency

What does the Halacha say about giving tzedakah from cryptocurrency? Does one fulfill the mitzvah of donating tzedakah as charity if they donate cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, or no? The reason I ask is ...
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Is it kosher to invest in cToken loans if it might lead to Jews paying interest?

Certain advancements in the cryptocurrency ecosystem are revolutionising financial mechanisms, which no longer fit the traditional paradigms we have been used to (let alone the Sages before us). One ...
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Cryptocurrency and Ribbis - Celsius Network

With the rising popularity of DeFi (Decentralized Finance) and cryptocurrencies I am wondering about the interest bearing wallets such as Celsius that will give returns for holding or staking coins. ...
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Is lending cryptocurrency ribbis?

If I would lend a fellow Jew a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Cardano, Dogecoin, Polygon, Etherium, etc. would there be a ribbis issue? Do we look at it like lending someone a dollar which there ...
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Bitcoin and Halakha

What are the halakhot that apply to bitcoin? Is it halakhickly money? What even is the halakhic definition of money? Can bitcoin transactions be made over shabbat? That sort of thing.
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