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Questions regarding halachot specifically relevant to the current era.

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Retroactive psak and conversions

B"H I constantly read about Orthodox conversions which are retroactively nullified by the Israeli Rabbanut, sometimes affecting multiple generations. I am not writing this question to express nor ...
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What are the parameters of shomer pesaim Hashem?

While the Torah forbids one to place himself into a situation of danger, some degree of slightly risky behavior is allowable under the concept of shomer pesaim Hashem. Are the parameters of this ...
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Entering a Catholic or Protestant church [duplicate]

According to Jewish Law, is one allowed to enter a Catholic or Protestant church?
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May one celebrate April Fool's Day?

Many people in the world celebrate and play pranks on each other on April 1. Is it halachically permissible to play pranks on people or in any kind celebrate April Fool's Day?
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Is it achievable to keep all of Halacha?

There is a principle that the Torah doesn't ask us to do anything that is unreasonable/unachievable (see here). Surely that means that we don't have any excuse to say "this is too much for me&...
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How did Gdoley Israel react to the landing on the Moon?

IMHO, landing on the Moon did/could seriously undermine the bases of the Jewish religious view about the nature of the celestial bodies. How did Gdoley Israel react/deal with the landing on Moon (and ...
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Do we withdraw our hands from bread?

The Shulchan Aruch 177:2 rules that one who removes the bread from the table must make a new beracha on whatever he eats for the rest of the meal: ודברים הבאים לאחר סעודה קודם ברכת המזון שהיה מנהג ...
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Kedusha status of modern seforim

The Rama in Y"D 271:7 writes "יש אומרים שיש לכתוב בקולמוס של קנה ולא בנוצה", and the Taz there (s"k 8) says that regarding the kedusha status of printed seforim this process of a ...
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Is one allowed to sleep in a room/house where there are images of JC and other avodah zarah?

Is a Jew permitted to sleep in a room/house where there are idolatrous images on the walls, such as JC, etc.? What about non-Jews?
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Ben Ish Chai against taking photos of females?

I heard that the Ben Ish Chai was very against having women in photos, so much so that a woman would even be taken out of Gan Eden a hundred years after her photo was taken if someone looks at it. Is ...
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Eating with non jews

Is there any prohibition in jews and non jews sitting at the same table and eating kosher food together at a jewish? wedding? Thank you.