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Can an elderly Kohen have a relationship with a concubine? [closed]

There is no marriage Min Hatorah. There will be no children. Rav Yaacov Emden seems to permit this. The reason is that widows are too rare and not easily available, causing other sins
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Were the "maidens" of Rebekah "schifchot" to Isaac or "pileg'shim" to Isaac?

Were all or one of the "maidens" of Rebekah "schifchot" to Isaac or "pileg'shim" to Isaac (regardless whether he consummated with them or not)? Why or why not? The "...
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What is the Vilna Gaon position on pilegesh?

I'm an Italian Noahide. The issue in question manifests my purely intellectual interest, concerning the Jews and not the Gentiles. Thanks to the user Yaacov Deane I identified, at the link. The ...
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Was Reuben's repentance accepted? If not, why not?

The midrash (Bereshit Rabba 84:19) indicates that Reuben did teshuva (repentance) for sleeping with his father's concubine Bilhah (Bereshit 35:22). However in both Yaakov's blessing (ibid 49:3-4) and ...
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Did Avshalom sleep with the ten concubines of Dovid?

Did Avshalom sleep with the ten concubines of Dovid? And if so, are the names of the women known? And was it considered rape? II Shmuel 16:22 And they spread for Absalom a tent upon the roof; and ...
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