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Does the language of Genesis 31:38 - 41 allow for Jacob to be speaking of two seperate 20 year periods?

A few times, I've come across this idea that Jacob's two descriptions of the 20 year period he spent in Haran is actually describing two seperate periods of 20 years, to effect of extending his stay ...
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Could Pharaoh (from the Red Sea) be the King of Nineveh whom Jonah warned?

In my studies I came across Midrashim that either infer or state outright that the Pharaoh who stood before Moses was the sole survivor of Red Sea catastrophe, and he later ruled in Nineveh when Jonah ...
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How many years did Amatzyah rule over the kingdom of Yehuda?

How long was he king? Aside from being taken captive by Yehoash (king over Israel kingdom) he also stayed 15 years in Lachish. My question is how long did he actually rule - till he was taken captive.
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When was Hevel born?

I just got a copy of The Eternal Link by R. Pinchas Winston and it states (on page 33), "the birth of Cain and Abel actually occurred before the expulsion from the Garden of Eden, not afterwards&...
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