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Questions tagged [christianity]

Questions related to how Judaism regards or relates to the Christian religion or its followers. NOTE: Questions that require independent expertise in Christianity to answer are off-topic.

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6 votes
3 answers

Getting benefit from a church

I recently heard that one is forbidden to get any benefit from a church (or any other place of worship other then a shul). They went on to say that the prohibation included while giving directions "...
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5 votes
2 answers

Renting a simcha hall from a church

Is there a halachic problem with renting a hall that belongs to a church for a bar mitzvah?
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56 votes
21 answers

Is Christianity Avodah Zara?

It is commonly accepted that Islam is not Avodah Zarah (idolatry) since Islam has a clear monotheistic theology with a belief in Allah that parallels our view of "kail" or Hashem. It is even ...
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