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Laws of bodily damage

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Range of Five Payments

It is known that if a man strikes another man, the damager must pay "Five Payments" - Nezek (damage), Tza'ar (pain), Ripui (doctors' bills), Sheves (unemployment), and Boshes (embarrassment)....
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Hitting your child as a disciplinary/educational measure - modern opinions

Shemos Rabbah (Shemos parsha 1) and a gemara in Makos (8a) both seem to indicate that physically striking a child/student is a positive thing to do in terms of discipline/education. My question is: ...
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What is an outsider's obligation if abuse is suspected?

What obligation does an outsider (non-family member) have if she or he suspects that there is abuse in another family? Does it matter if the abused party denies the allegation? What if the abused ...
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May one refuse pain killers?

Given that one may not intentionally injure herself - see Rambam (Chovel U’mazik 5:1 and Shulchan Aruch (Choshen Mishpat 420:31) who rules that it is forbidden for a person to injure herself. Moreover,...
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What are the sources that a husband may beat his wife?

What are the sources, even those that are rejected in the final halachic analysis, that encourage or allow a husband to physically abuse his wife?
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