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Questions relating to children vis à vis their parents in Jewish law or Jewish thought. Also questions relating to parenting approaches and advice in Jewish thought.

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2 answers

Double portion for firstborn

I need to designate beneficiaries for a life insurance plan. I've designated my wife as the primary beneficiary and my children as contingent beneficiaries. My son is a firstborn and he has two ...
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Can a grandparent name a child differently than the parents?

We all know that Moshe Rabeinu had 7 names and was called Moshe which was the name Basya gave him. Recently I was in a Shul and there was a fellow there that had a grandaughter the previous week. The ...
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1 answer

Named a male by mistake with a female name

Suppose a person's wife goes to the hospital to give birth and the husband remained home with the rest of the children. They made up that the nurse will call and let the phone ring once if it is a boy ...
11 votes
2 answers

Mitzvah for fathers to buy things for dating-age daughters?

I heard that men whose daughters are dating have a mitzvah to supply them with things that will help them, i.e. dresses, jewelry, etc. Is there a source for this?
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3 votes
2 answers

paying for an apartment

I recently came across an article describing the situation in Israel where in order to finalize an engagement, the parents have to pay for an entire apartment (not just a down payment, the whole price)...
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Bonim Talmidei Chachamim

The Gemara is Shabbos(Chuf gimel amud beis) says: Haragil Bner Havin Lei Bonim Talmiday Chachamim (very loosely translated) A person who is studious with the mitzvah of lighting will have children ...
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4 answers

Ditch school: stealing?

If your parents pay for you to go to school and you ditch, is that stealing?
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2 answers

Naming your child using a dead relative's initial

Is there a Jewish tradition of naming your child using the first letter of the name of a recently deceased relative?
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