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Does Kavod Habriot ever apply to Safek d’oraita

Does the principle within Halacha of Kavod Habriot ever apply to leniencies for a Safek Doraita? So if there is human dignity at stake, could you rule lekula instead of lechumrah on a Safek d’oraita? ...
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1 answer

Tosefta vs Talmud in Halacha

If the tosefta contradicts the Gemara/Talmud (either Jerusalem or Babylonian), which is more authoritative in Halacha?
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1 answer

Safek echad baguf safek echad beta'arovet

What is safek beguf safek beta'arovet? Specifically, what is the the safek beguf? Also, How does it relate to safek sefeka?
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List of all the times the Talmudic principle of "chiddush" is used in Shas

(similar type of question asked about: "svara", "תיקו" "Halachot L'Moshe MiSinai") The Talmudic principle of "chiddush" is sometimes invoked to explain certain areas of halacha. Namely, there are ...
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What exactly is the "chiddush" of Motzi Shem Ra?

TL;DR (please see below for a longer, detailed explanation) Question: What exactly is the chiddush (novel concept) of Motzi Shem Ra? a) Is it that if Motzi Shem Ra about a naarah meorasah (...