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Are animal fats cooked with dairy issur hanaah

According to Leviticus 7:24 forbidden fats from non shechita’d animals may be used for any purpose but eating. Therefore, is it permissible to cook them with dairy and/or sell them mixed with dairy? ...
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The Sciatic Nerve and Fat of Kosher Fowl

I have learned that the sciatic nerve must be removed from land animals to render the meat kosher. But what about fowl? Does the sciatic nerve need to be removed from chicken or turkey? Why or why not?...
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Why only ask about תרומה and שחיטה? (in גטין ב׃ תוד״ה עד)

The Bavli, Gitin 2 amud 2, says that one person is believed when he testifies about isurin (prohibitions), and it immediately limits that to the case that the person is not testifying against an ...
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What happens to the chelev (suet) after the butcher removes it from the animal?

Follow up to Are We not supposed to eat fat?: Chelev is called "suet". It is used as cooking oil (non-kosher, obviously), tallow (sometimes used in candle-making), and fuel, among other uses. Do ...
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Inadvertant Sin of Prohibited Food or Relations

What is the explanation of the talmudic dictum (Sanhedrin 62b, Kreisos 19b) that one who inadvertently sins in the areas of forbidden foods or sexual relations (e.g. reaches for kosher food, misses it ...
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Is chelev nullified in 1/60?

Vayikra 7:25 says that anyone who eats chelev (suet) gets karet. Is there a concept of batel beshishim (nullification in 1/60) for chelev? Is one liable for karet if he ate a food mixture containing &...
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