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Shacharis after chatzos

Is praying shacharis after chatzos (midday) permitted, and do you fulfill your obligation? If so, until when? Please give sources, preferably quoting the Mishna Berurah, Alter Rebbe of Lubavitch, or ...
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Arvit/Maariv "after" Birkot HaShachar?

Generally one prays Arvit before Chatzot HaLayla; Also, one can say Birkot HaShachar as soon as right after Chatzot HaLayla (as far as I understand). I came across a "logical hole" that I can't find ...
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What is "חצות האמצעי"?

While researching an answer to this question I stumbled across the term "חצות האמצעי". What does it mean? Does it refer to halachic midday, i.e. halfway between netz hachama and shkias hachama, or ...
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How is Chatzos Halayla (Halachic Midnight) calculated?

It seems pretty easy to calculate from the get-go that the formula is something like this: # a halachic hour is one twelfth of the time between sunrise and sunset halachicHour = (timeOfSunset - ...
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Is it mandatory to eat before solar noon on Rosh Chodesh?

"A person should make sure to eat before the sixth hour on Shabbos, since it is forbidden to fast on Shabbos". --A column by Daniel Yaakov Travis, citing Talmud Yerushalmi, Taanis 3:11. During ...
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Showering after chatzos on Friday the 8th of Av

This year the ninth of Av falls out on Shabbos which means that there are somewhat different laws that are practiced than in a typical year at this time (e.g. the fast is observed on Sunday). With ...
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Why is Tikun Chatzos said specifically at Chatzos? What's so special about Chatzos?

The Shulchan Aruch writes in Orach Chaim 1:3 ראוי לכל ירא שמים שיהא מיצר ודואג על חורבן בית המקדש It is fitting for every person who has fear of Heaven to be anguished and concerned ...
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Torah Shabbos Tisha b'Av After Chatzos

There seem to be widespread reports of an Ashkenazi custom to refrain from studying (joyful) Torah specifically after chatzos (midday) on Shabbos that falls out on the 9th of Av (see e.g. here and ...
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Hatzos before 1pm during Daylight Savings Time

So it just happened, that hatzos came out before 1pm. I have a hard time understanding how is that even possible, and here is my logic. Can someone pop my bubble so I can see where I go wrong? ...
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