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Either 'noon' or 'midnight'

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Arvit/Maariv "after" Birkot HaShachar?

Generally one prays Arvit before Chatzot HaLayla; Also, one can say Birkot HaShachar as soon as right after Chatzot HaLayla (as far as I understand). I came across a "logical hole" that I can't find ...
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5 votes
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What is "חצות האמצעי"?

While researching an answer to this question I stumbled across the term "חצות האמצעי". What does it mean? Does it refer to halachic midday, i.e. halfway between netz hachama and shkias hachama, or ...
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Torah Shabbos Tisha b'Av After Chatzos

There seem to be widespread reports of an Ashkenazi custom to refrain from studying (joyful) Torah specifically after chatzos (midday) on Shabbos that falls out on the 9th of Av (see e.g. here and ...
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