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Do gentiles have the obligation of giving charity to help the needy?

The only source I found that relates to charity and gentiles is that Jews are expected to give charity to help the non-Jews in their environment for the sake of "darkei shalom". Given that ...
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Tsedaka- Extreme YOLO charity!

Hypothetically speaking, if someone wants Hashem to bless them with great wealth, would it be irresponsible for them to donate 100% of their earnings to charity? Would they end up poor?
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charity and expectations [closed]

I am not sure if this question is appropriate for this site. It is not exactly an academic issue. Let me know if it is not appropriate. I started to become religious about 8 years ago. I started ...
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Does a Gemach that lends money need a Prozbul?

Does a Gemach that lends money need a Prozbul? Individuals protect their loans from loss in the seventh year through Prozbul. Does a Gemach run by a committee of three need the same protection?
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Charity begins at home

In his introduction to Parshat Vayechi, Rabbeinu Bachya says the following regarding charity (Munk translation): “The subject matter of charity, how to practice it, and in what amount to practice it ...
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Do matching funds count towards one’s maaser money?

For example, my company matches donations to qualifying charities dollar for dollar. If I donate $100 and they match $100, can I count the matched funds as part of my masser obligation?
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The beginning of public charity

In the Torah, charity is a private matter. Each person has an obligation to help the poor in various ways, for example, by leaving some wheat on the ground, leaving some fruits on the trees, giving ...
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Taking charity from non-Jewish sources

Is one allowed to take welfare from the state government? I've heard that it causes kitrugim on klal yisroel, like the story in kiddushin with buying the poroh adumah from the Romans.
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