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Liability for bed bugs

If one tenant in an apartment brings in bed-bugs (and that can be proven), and they spread throughout the building, and the other tenants have to vacate their apartments to be fumigated, or whatever ...
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Putting poison inside bamboo rods (s'chach)

It says in Shulchan Aruch (OC Siman 629 Sif 3) that one may cover a Sukkah with "chitzim" (arrows) that don't have a "beis kibbul." However, if they do have a "beis kibbul," then it's not valid for ...
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Why does Rashi claim "מלקוש" is locust terminology like "לקש" if "לקש" isn't "locusts"? (תענית ו ע״א)

Someone in my synagogue posed the following question to me; stumped, I pose it to you: The Bavli, Taanis 6 amud 1, notes that מלקוש is good rain. It then proposes that, perhaps, that's mistaken; ...
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Minhagim pertaining to the consumption of locust with other foods?

BS"D So based on the concept that locust are the only other "meat" that is parve besides fish, do the same or similar Halakhic or even minhag based restrictions apply to it? For instance its some ...
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Removing/destroying a spider web on Shabbos

In response to the question, "Can you destroy a spider web on Shabbos?" asked on this website, part of the reply was a citation from Rabbi Yehoshua Neuwirth (1989) in section (23:9), “...
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Can chewing food very well eliminate the issue of eating bugs?

If the prohibition of eating prohibited foods does not take place until it passes ones throat (Hanaat Grono), would chewing fruits and vegetables (that have a bug concern) very well be enough to ...
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Modern bug checking sources

Where are modern she'elot and tshuvot that deal with circumstances surrounding bug checking? Looking for sources that talk about things like freezing and blending. Where can I find such things?
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Contemporary approaches to kashrut of dates

What are contemporary approaches regarding dealing with bug infestation of dates? Do Kashrut agencies (e.g. the Orthodox Union) regularly inspect crops to determine infestation levels? And if so, what ...
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May one eat cheese that is wormy?

Nitei Gavriel Shavuos 29:14 says that one may eat cheese that has worms in it, and there is no prohibition of Sheretz on it. Is this accurate? Does everyone agree with this?
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Is mosquitos a good enough reason not to eat in the sukkah?

There's a principle that if you are pained from sitting in the sukkah you are exempt from eating in it. The typical applicaiton of this ruling is when it rains. In my back yard we have a lot of ...
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NYC Tapwater filter

I recently moved to NYC and am concerned about copepods etc. in the tap water. I can't install a fancy under-sink filter nor do I want to refill a Brita pitcher all the time. Are there any other ...
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Killing insects

Are we allowed to kill insects? I read different opinions. On the one hand they are God's creatures and on the other they can be harmful to health or property. This article takes a middle road: https:...
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How do you check dates with pits on shabbos?

Dates may contain insects and should be checked before consuming (source). The only way to do this (that I am aware of) for dates with pits is to open the date and remove the pit to examine the area ...
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