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A blessing made in vain.

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Advice for when to say "Boreh Nefashot" [duplicate]

Boreh Nefashot, the after-bracha (blessing) for all foods not covered by Hamotzi and Me'en Shalosh, is tricky, because it covers the things one might partake of often. Example, someone has a drink on ...
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Is it a bracha levatala to recite or sing the Hanukkah blessings communally?

In group Chanukah celebrations one often sees that the entire gathering recites the brachot for lighting the menorah in unison, despite the fact that only one person is actually lighting the candles. ...
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Difference between B'racha She'eina Tzaricha and B'racha L'vatala

I've seen both these terms in halachic sources, in reference to a B'racha that should not have been made. But I'm not sure what the difference is.
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Why is a beracha levatala considered saying G-d's name in vain?

If for example one was holding a piece of pineapple and with concentration made the bracha of HaEtz, with the intention to praise G-d for creating fruit, and then afterwards realizes that he made the ...
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According to the Rishonim who hold a Bracha Levatala is forbidden Min Hatorah, why do we need a category of Safek Brachot Lehakel?

If a Bracha Levatala (blessing in vain) is forbidden from Torah Law, why do we need a special category of Safek Brachot Lehakel? Almost all Brachot are Derabanan, and how could we do a safek mitzvah ...
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If a person forgot whether they have already recited krias shema al hamita are they permited to say hamapil and should they do so?

based on the idea of sufek derabanan lekula (a doubt in regards to a rabbinical ruling results in a leniency) and sufek d'orysa lechumra (a doubt on a Torah ruling results in a stringency) being that ...
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Shehechyanu levatala on Purim

Before the morning reading of Megillat Esther, the reader says 3 brachot including Shehechyanu (according to Ashkenazic practice). This applies, to some degree, and in some way to that morning's ...
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If one is in doubt whether they had already recited maariv should they say the blessings of shema with the shema or not?

one reason one might not do so is that the blessings of shema were instituted by the rabbis and with a safek d'rabanin one is often linient against a safek d'orysa (bracha levatala) one reason one ...
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If one said shehecheyanu on a fruit, and later reminded himself that he had eaten it previously that seasons, Is his brachah a Brachah L'vatala?

If one said the bracha of shehecheyanu on a fruit, thinking that he had not eaten it that season yet, and afterward reminded himself that he had eaten it previously that seasons, is his brachah a ...
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Can a machsheva be a bracha levatala in specific circumstances?

According to Chacham Ovadia's chiddush, if you already hold liquid in your mouth, and remembered you forgot to say Shehakol, you may "think" the bracha with the liquid in your mouth, and this bracha ...
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Can minhag hamakom allow you to make what is for you a bracha levatala

I have a question about a specific case but it relates to a broad subject so I'm making the question less narrow. Pesachim 101a presents a minhag they used to have to make Kiddush in synagogue. Even ...
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Why wouldn't this be a bracha levatala?

I attach a picture which contains a prayer that I was sent to say for success in exams. Apart from it having very little to do with exams, I thought this would a be a bracha levatala assuming you ...
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ברוך שם כבוד מלכותו לעולם ועד after a bracha with a false statement

If we make a bracha levatala or say Hashem's name by accident, we say ברוך שם כבוד מלכותו לעולם ועד. Is this true only if the original bracha is a valid praise of Hashem, or even if it contains false ...
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Bracha levatalah vs waiting between meat and milk

If I make a ברכה on a Hershey bar, and before I eat the food, I realize I am Fleishig, what do I do? (assuming I have no other food around?)
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Teaching halacha to children with halachically invalid "props"

The Talmud (Sukkah 2b; cited also here) implies that chinukh (educating children in halacha observance) necessitates that the mitzvah be fulfilled according to its halachik details (at least with ...
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Is the commonly worn undershirt known as a "beged tzitzit" actually obligated in tzitzit at all?

What is meant by ‘a garment exempt from tzitzit’? Does it mean a garment smaller than the prescribed measure? But it has been taught: A garment with which a child can cover his head and most of his ...
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Berachah LeVatalah (blessing in vain) retroactively

Can a Berachah be made LeVatalah retroactively? What if you eat something that is spoiled, not realizing it until a bite or two in? You would not make a Berachah on spoiled food. But if you did, ...
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If a person voids a purchase/sale, what happens to the Bracha?

You buy a new Talis and after you wear it you notice a defect. You want to return it to the store for a refund or replacement. However a person is only obligated in Tzitzis if he owns or borrows the ...