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The Melacha (forbidden work) on Shabbos of separating the bad (or unwanted) away from the good specifically in a mixture usually with food.

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What's wrong with making coffee on Shabbat?

If, on Shabbat, someone pours water from a kli shlishi (which according to all opinions I'm aware of) over coffee beans which are laying on a filter is there any problem with drinking the resulting ...
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Can one use a Swiss army knife on Shabbat?

There are two reasons why I would be concerned regarding using a Swiss Army knife on Shabbat: Possible violation of a melacha of creating / completing a tool. When you fold out the knife, you are "...
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Preparing a dish on Shabbos by night for the day time (in regards to Borer)

It says in SA OC Siman 321 Sif 19 in the Rema that normally it's ossur to peel garlic or onions however that's only to leave them to eat at a later time. However if it's being done to eat right away ...
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Using water filter/purification system on Shabbos

(Being asked as a theoretical question. Obviously everyone should ask their LOR.) There is a water filter (or purifier) that works in the following way: The water flows into a part where there is ...
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Loose, tea leaves on Shabbes

Is there an issue with using loose, tea leaves on Shabbes (assuming we use kos shlishi, etc)-- does putting loose-leaf tea into a spoon like the one attached in the picture an issue of borer or ...