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Temporarily Banning a Rishon’s Sefer – Is There a Precedent?

I heard from a reliable source that a great Rosh Hayeshiva (who I personally knew) temporarily banned a set of seforim from the Yeshiva's beit midrash. The Talmud in shabbat 56a states that it is ...
12 votes
5 answers

Why were some of the works of Rabbi Steinsaltz banned?

Apparently some of the works of Rabbi Steinsaltz were banned. What are the specific examples that prompted the ban? Is there a list of all of his works that have been banned, as I am interested in ...
7 votes
2 answers

Me'or Einayim-The Maharal

What was the reason that the Me'or Einayim by Azariah deRossi's was considered problematic and what is its Historical development and signifigance of this book Basicly what was all the fuss about?
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List of acceptable literature for religious schools

A while back I came across an article about an organization that compiled a list of acceptable literature (I believe fiction titles) for Jewish religious schools. Does anyone know where I can find ...
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2 answers

Should works continue to be banned? [closed]

Often today when a Jewish book is banned that leads to a dramatic increase in sales and circulation of the work. This would seem to be the exact opposite of what the Rabbi or Beit Din was trying to ...