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Black hats refer to black fedoras customarily worn by many Ultra-Orthodox Jews since the 19th century. Such hats originally came in a variety of colors, but over the course of the 20th century, the color black caught on. "Black hatters" is an old slang term referring to Ultra-Orthodox Jews derived from their headgear.

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Are fedoras Lo Yilbash on a woman

According to Halacha, are Fedoras considered Lo Yilbash for a woman to wear? Or no, even though they are often worn by males, are they not considered men’s apparel that women are by halacha ...
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Jewish hats throughout the ages

Is there a book or any other source which goes through the history of which types of hats jews wore throughout history? Also, regarding the Ashkenazi minhag to wear the fedora - why is it worn with ...
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Origin of wearing a hat [duplicate]

Wearing a hat has become so widespread in the orthodox community but what is it’s origin? Is it based off of anything from the Torah or Chazal? How old is the custom to wear a hat? And when did it ...
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Which Black Fedora fits Chabad?

Recently I've decided that I want to start wearing a double covering for when I daven. I believe that it would thus be best that I get myself a black fedora, however I don't know which to get. Are ...
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Why don’t Sheretzs made into a Streimel convey tumah?

The body of a sheretz conveys impurity. The translations of the animals that count as Sheratzim (listed in Parashat Shemini) often include weasels or ferrets as well as rats, insects, and lizards. ...
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Hasidim's (lack of) hats [closed]

I heard that hasadim put on black hat but I also see some not putting; what are their differences?
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Where in Brooklyn can I buy the round chasidish hat?

I'm referring to the hat that has the same finish as a normal fedora, just without the crease; not the flat hat with long fur that Satmarers wear or the higher flat ones. Like the one Rav Auerbach ...
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Where can I buy a Yeshivish fedora online?

In most [Yeshivish][1] circles (and Chabad Hasidim), a black snap-brim fedora is worn. Usually it is a Borsalino, but not always. Could someone recommend a place online where I could get one or one ...
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Were/are there any gedolim that do not wear a hat of some kind?

It seems like almost major rebbeim/poskim do/did ear some sort of additional head covering (black hat, streimel, cap, etc) for davening. If the practice is that universal among gedolim, that might ...
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How and when did fedoras arise as acceptable headwear?

Today I learned that the fedora was originally a woman's hat, invented/popularized for women in the late 19th century and only migrating into menswear after 1924 when Prince Edward of England started ...
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Why is the hat often black?

We see here and here questions about wearing a black hat. However, why is the hat black? Is there some sort of kedushah to wearing a black Stetson or Borsalino which is lost in other colours? Or is ...
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Talis on head for people who don't wear a (black) hat

I have always been under the impression that people wear their talises over their heads when davening as their second head-covering. I understood this to be the reason why people don't wear black hats ...
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Do black hats make the Jew? [closed]

It seems that wearing a hat is required, because the Shulchan Aruch says you need to wear a double covering. But some apparently-frum men don't wear a hat. How is this possible?
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Where does it say that one must wear two layers on their head(one of the reasons for the black hat)?

I know that a reason for wearing a black hat is because one must wear two layers covering their head (Mishna Brurah 91:5) but am wondering if that Din is based in Kabbalah?
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Is it forbidden to wear a snap-brim Borsalino fedora on Shabbos?

The Talmud, at Shabbos 138b, presents the opinion that one may not wear a siyana -- which Rashi defines as a wide-brimmed hat — on Shabbos if it has a brim that is one tefach (hand-bredth) wide ...
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Wearing a hat on Shabas

Many men will wear hats for mincha and for maariv (also for other prayers if not wearing a talis). Many will not. And then I've seen a few who wear hats for mincha and maariv on Shabas but not on ...
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Why is the shtreimel worn balanced atop the head?

It seems like many chasidim wear their shtreimel (and their weekday hats) balanced atop their heads, a size or so smaller than one might wear a hat in the secular world. Is there an underlying ...
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Wearing hats and Jackets

I have heard lots of "anecdotal evidence" (which means Mashpiyim telling over what they heard at private Yechidusim [private audiences]) that the Lubavitcher Rebbe wanted people (or Bochurim) to wear ...
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Black Hats During Mussaf

Lately, I have noticed that many people who wear a tallis during davening will deliberately put on the black hat, which they wore on the way to shul, while still wearing their tallis near the end of ...
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hat and jacket during davening

I wear a hat to davening normally. Is it better to daven with a minyan without a hat or without a minyan with a hat?
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Wearing a Hat and Jacket while Walking

Is there any requirement to wear a hat or jacket while walking on the street? (aside for style)
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