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Questions regarding the commandment to eliminate chametz from one's possession before Passover.

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Are biur chometz, biur sheviis and biur maaser chovas habayis or chovas hagavra?

Just intuitively, seems to me like they would be chovas habayis. But would love to see any discussion, sources, etc. Thanks in advance!
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Chametz that is stuck to tape/velcro

What is one supposed to do with chametz that is stuck to something sticky like tape or velcro, that is impossible to remove completely but can be found and seen easily, in the lead up to pesach? For ...
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Burning chametz when one still has chametz left over

While it is accepted that the mitzva of biur chametz can be accomplished in different ways (see e.g. Shulchan Aruch O.C. 445:1 and Mishna Berurah 445:1-2, cited here), there is also an accepted ...
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Selling chametz before burning it?

During a shiur, I heard the Dayan of the Chasam Sofer first sold his chametz, and then bought chametz to burn. Why would someone specifically sell their chametz before biur chametz?
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Connections between Biur Chametz and Tashlich?

Are there any commentators that discuss the parallels between the rituals of biur chametz and tashlich? At a surface level, both involve destroying or eliminating bread, one via fire and one via ...
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What is the preferable form of Biur Chametz?

While burning the chametz is clearly the most popular, it is really not the only solution to disposing of it right before Pesach. Other solutions I remember learning about are scattering it in the sea,...
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Must a publicly owned building be cleaned for Passover?

Is the community responsible to have publicly owned buildings (such as synagogues, batei midrashot and libraries) cleaned for pesach? Does it matter if it will be used or not over the holiday? If ...
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