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halachik nullification of a particular item

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The stolen maple syrup and kashrus

Does anyone know if there is going to be a kashrus problem with maple syrup next year? A rather large amount of maple syrup was stolen last year. The thieves did not keep it in the original casks, ...
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What's the Shiur of Mashehu?

Certain issurim (forbidden things) can become batel (halachically nullified) if they were unintentionally mixed in heter (permitted things). In order for this to happen, the heter must outnumber the ...
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Informing someone that the food they are eating is permissible only b'deved(after the fact)

Does one need to inform someone that the food they are about to eat is permissible b'deved(after the fact)? Example 1: Some milk fell into the chulent and the Rabbi employed batel b'shishim and now ...
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Ratios of Hameitz-to-Other for Deriving Benefit

For the prohibition on deriving benefit from hameitz on passover, what is the ratio of hameitz-to-other that makes a mixture hameitz? I am aware that when it comes to the prohibition of eating hameitz ...
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Why can Avodah Zara be בטל בשישים?

If עבודה זרה is so strict, why can it be בטל by 1/60 in דבר שלא במינו? (see :עבודה זרה ע"ג)
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Nullifying a chametz-based medication before Pesach

Let's say you are a choleh who is permitted or required to take a chometz-containing medication during Pesach (according to the halachos described here:
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Kosher leniencies in a place with neither hechshers nor kosher lists

I'm trying to understand whether or not there are leniencies regarding kosher certification in countries where it's uncommon. I am aware that in many parts of the world there are almost zero products ...
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Do concepts of nat bar nat and batel beshishim apply to ovens?

In a prior post I asked about batel beshishim and nat bar nat (noten ta'am bar noten ta'am) as it applies to pots and utensils. Do these concepts apply to ovens? If yes why? If not, why? If ...
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Is non-kosher-dyed food kosher?

Supoose some non-slaughtered-animal or non-kosher-species ingredient gets mixed accidentally into a larger food. From what I understand, if the non-kosher ingredient is not thought to add flavor to ...
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How much is "k'dei l'chametz"?

How much is "enough sourdough to ferment"? Orla 2:6 refers to it as a qualitative measure, independent of the 200:1 ratio which is the quantitative measure that would render the sourdough indelible ...
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Collecting water before pesach

People who are worried about chometz in water on pesach collect water before pesach so it can be Me'vutal before pesach. However won't they cause themselves a bigger problem? If they are worried for ...
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