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Questions regarding the 12th blessing added by Shmuel HaKatan to the Amidah as a response to heretical movements.

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Malchus in Birkas Haminim

Many nuschaos of Birkas Haminim say "Malchus Zadon" instead of "v'hazeidim" (this is the german nusach I believe as well as that used by some chasidim). Nusach Chabad also says ...
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Nowadays, whom is Birkat Haminim directed at?

Today I saw this question: History of Birkas haMinim, which got me thinking: Nowadays, that we don't have Tzdokim or little Judaic Temple-cults like the Essenes, whom is the Birkat Haminim directed at?...
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Why is a prayer leader still removed for omitting V'lamalshinim?

TL;DR The Ashkenazi nusach of V'lamalshinim omits explicit mention of heretics. Therefore, recitation or omission of this blessing by the prayer leader seems to no longer serve as a signal for whether ...
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Bracha of V'Lamalshinim

Brachos 28b Shmuel Hakattan coined the Bracha of V'Lamalshinim. Brachos 10a mentions a story where Rabbi Meir was being bothered by people and prayed for their demise. His wife Bruria tells him do ...
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History of Birkas haMinim

What is the history behind the bracha of v'lamalshim? Was there a specific ideology or group that the baracha was targeting? Why would someone davening to Hashem and saying the rest of the barachos (...
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