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Questions tagged [biblical-history]

Questions pertaining to history in the biblical period, a period defined in Jewish tradition as starting with the creation of the world and ending with the Macedonian conquest of the Land of Israel ca. 332 BCE.

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What ultimately happened to the Urim Vetumim?

What ultimately happened to the Urim Vetumim? Will we need it when Moshiach arrives? Was it hidden with the Ark? Will we just make a new one?
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What is the significance of Deuteronomistic and Priestly edits to the Torah once it was canonized?

I am a beginner in my studies and was researching a question on why the Israelites didn’t get circumcised in the wilderness when I found an article that left me a bit confused as to whether the Torah ...
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Does anybody know of a story of a smart aleck?

Does anyone know of a story from תנ"ך \ גמרא \ or a famous Gadol or even some random Jew - where somebody acted like a smart aleck (אובר חכם) / know-it-all and it really caused them to mess up?
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What else happened in Jewish history on Pesach

I know that many other monumental occasions occurred to happen on Pesach, specifically the first day eg; the birth of Yitzchak, Eisav selling the birthright to Yaakov, parts of the Purim story. Are ...
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What is the evidence for the Noahide Laws, outside of the Talmud? [closed]

This question may be "closed" but it's not "settled" if you follow the Noahide Laws as taught in Orthodox Judaism. I haven't found any references to the Noahide Laws in non-...
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The Specific Reason for the Plague of Darkness?

I have found some specific reasons for each one of the plagues that GOD brought upon Egypt. Each Plague was a measure to measure punishments for the Egyptians: According to Midrash Tanchuma the first ...
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Who are the current day descendants of Ketura?

People have suggested to me that Abraham's descendants through "Keturah" may be linked to the Asian people. I'm curious if there's any evidence backing up this claim. Has anyone come across ...
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Who are some Kings of Ancient Israel who didn't have major flaws/sins/etc.?

The Tanakh isn't at all shy of mentioning the flaws of many of the most famous and looked up to Kings, and for good reasons too. David and Batsheba is one such story as far as I know where David ended ...
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To what extent would the kings of Israel and Judah have been involved in the upbringing and instruction of their children?

To what extent would the kings of Israel and Judah have been involved in the upbringing and instruction of their children? Are there any Biblical references that can help determine this?
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Did the Levites and Priests Ever Teach the Oral Law? If not, Why not?

I've learned that the basic transmission of the oral law was: Moses > Joshua > Elders > Prophets > Great Assembly > Specific Rabbis But this seems to run contradictory from what we'd ...
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What happened to the Mishkan?

Where is the Mishkan today (i.e. where are its components)? What happened to the set of tablets that were housed inside? This post suggests that the Mishkan was destroyed in Shiloh, but does not give ...
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Why is Dvarim 26, Joshua 24 and Psalm 136 missing references to Matan Torah?

Matan Torah is one of the most grand and defining events in Jewish history, so naively one would assume that any summary of key events would contain this grand event. Yet Dvarim 26, Joshua 24 nor ...
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What does it mean that Doeg the Edomite was "detained before the Lord"?

Now a certain man of the servants of Sha᾽ul was there that day, detained before the Lord; and his name was Do᾽eg the Edomite, the chiefest of the herdmen that belonged to Sha᾽ul. (1 Sam. 21:8) Was ...
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Are there Answers for Objections to Saul's Reign Length?

Not Jewish but I've never come across a Christian defense of the reign length 1 Samuel 13:1 attributes Saul. This is probably because of Acts 13:21 and the messiness of the former verse(Saul's missing ...
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Did Judaism have a more ancient name before it became Judaism?

Judaism comes from Judah. Specifically, it comes from the Kingdom of Judah. The names we get from Torah are typically for the people and not for the faith. We were called Hebrews and then we were ...
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What is the relationship between Ezra's scroll and the Aleppo/Leningrad codeces?

I'm a little bit confused. If Ezra re-established a singular text to the Torah, how is it that we have the Aleppo Codex and the Leningrad Codex and three different scribal traditions for Ashkenaz, ...
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