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The weekly Torah portion of Behaalotcha (Numbers 8:1–12:16)

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Who carried the aron which traveled in front of the camp?

Rashi describes how the aron (which contained the broken pieces of the first luchos and which was taken out with the Jewish army in times of battle) would travel in front of the camp in the desert. ...
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Source for the menorah represents the wisdoms of the world?

This blog post claims that the Meiri along with other Rishonim taught that the Menorah ,mentioned in Behalotecha represents the 7 wisdoms of the world. Quoted here: The Meiri and other Rishonim say ...
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Why were these pasukim chosen for the upside down Nuns?

In Bamidbar 10:35-36 there are two upside down Nuns. The traditional explanation is that this serves as a break between different accounts of wicked behavior. Not wanting to list three such counts in ...
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Do the words menorah and Torah have the same root in Hebrew?

I'm studying the parashat Behaaloscha, the part where Aharon kindle de Menorah. I read that the meaning of Menorah has to do with 'Tora Study. I'm from Brazil where we speak Portuguese and the words ...
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אלדד מידד how old were they?

אלדד מידד were 2 people who received a prophecy whilst at home in their camp during the Jews' sojourn at קברת התאוה. There is debate amongst the rishonim whether they were supposed to have been ...
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Did Miriam Criticize Moshe for being Haughty?

Avos Derebbi Nassan 9:2 says that Miriam criticized Moshe for being haughty by divorcing his wife. אבל הוא מפני שדעתו גסה עליו פירש הוא מאצל אשתו But Moses, because he is so arrogant, separated from ...
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Which way should the Tagin be on a nun hafuchah (upside down nun)?

In a written Torah, there are two upside down nun's - one before Bemidbar 10:35 and another after Bemidbar 10:36. When the Sofer writes this, should the tagin ("crowns") be placed on top (i.e., ...
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Does a father's rebuke cause seven days of humiliation in his child?

In Bamidbor 12:14, Rashi explains the verse to mean that if Miriam's father had turned to her with an angry face, she would have been humiliated for seven days. Are there other examples where we ...
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