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The second Mesechet in the order of Nezikin in the Talmud.

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Why was a bat kol able to settle the dispute between Battei Hillel and Shammai?

Eiruvin 13b recounts an argument between Beit Hillel and Beit Shammai. The argument grew very heated until a bat kol intervened and stated the famous line elu v'elu divrei elohim chayim ("These and ...
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How did Rambam eliminate "ben gilo" from the halacha?

The gemara in Elu Metzios (Bava Metzia 30b) says: אמר מר (אשר) ילכו - זה ביקור חולים. היינו גמילות חסדים! לא נצרכה אלא לבן גילו ,דאמר מר בן גילו נוטל אחד מששים בחליו ,ואפי' הכי מבעי ליה ...
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Chronological order of stories involving Rabban Gamliel

There’s several stories (that I know of) which deal with Rabban Gamliel acting in a less-than-ideal way in regard to his contemporaries: Rosh HaShanah 25a-b, where Rabban Gamliel insisted that R’ ...
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Is 'A father and son sleeping with a betrothed young woman on yom kippur' an expression?

Bava metza 83b: Rabbi Elazar brebbi Shimon is afraid that he may have wrongfully caused someone to be hanged, but is reassured that the hanged and his son 'slept with a betrothed maiden on yom kippur'...
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How could Rebbi Zeira forcibly forget his learning?

In Bava Metzia 85a it says that ר' זירא כי סליק לארעא דישראל יתיב מאה תעניתא דלשתכח גמרא בבלאה מיניה Rebbi Zeira, when he left to the land of Israel, fasted 100 times to cause himself to forget ...
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3 answers

Why do many boys begin learning Gemara with Elu Metzios?

There is a popular custom for boys to start their Gemara studies with Elu Metzios (the 2nd Perek in Bava Metzia). The Gemara (Bava Basra 175b) does say that financial laws are conducive to becoming ...
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Rashi contradiction in B.M. 95b-96a

The Gemarah in Bava Metziah 95b bring an argument of Amoraim between Abaye and Rava who base their respective opinions on the Tanaim Rav Yoshiya and Rav Yonasan. The Gemara tells how they hold of ...
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Siyum of Bava Kama/Metzia/Basra or Sanhedrin/Makkos

I have been told that originally, Bava Kama, Bava Metzia and Bava Basra were one masechta called Maseches Nezikin and that Makkos was part of Maseches Sanhedrin. A siyum of a masechta of Gemora is ...
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In what way was the way of learning in Israel different from the Babylonian to cause R' Zeirah to fast?

The Gemmorah BM 85a: "ר' זירא כי סליק לארעא דישראל יתיב מאה תעניתא דלשתכח גמרא בבלאה מיניה כי היכי דלא נטרדיה" "When Rabbi Zeira ascended from Babylonia to Eretz Yisrael, he fasted ...
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Whose life comes first? Apparently contradictory Rabbinical statements

There seem to be two contradictory statements of the Rabbis. One is: Sanhedrin 74a מי יימר דדמא דידך סומק טפי דילמא דמא דההוא גברא סומק טפי who knows whether your blood is redder than his ...
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