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Putting breadcrumbs in the toilet

Mishnah Berurah writes in 180:10 that while throwing crumbs onto the ground where they will be stepped on is kasha l'aninus, God forbid, this does not apply when the crumbs are thrown into water. ...
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How can using the bathroom be equated to the pleasure of the afterlife?

There are three things which are a taste of the World to Come: Shabbat, the sun, and “usage.” What does “usage” mean? Usage of the bed [i.e. marital relations]? But that weakens the body. Rather it ...
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Secular sources with Torah wisdom

Some secular books have a hefty amount of wisdom that we find in our Torah sources. For example, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People has a lot of almost verbatim lessons from Pirkei Avos, although ...
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Bathroom break during maariv

If a person begins Maariv and has just answered Barchu, and then realizes that they are going to have to go to the bathroom before they can say Shemoneh Esrei, when is the best time to go? Should ...
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Child wants bathroom during parent's Amidah

Are there any halachic guidelines when a child tells the parent that he wants to go to bathroom during the Amidah? This occurred to me multiple times, with my 4-year-old who can use the bathroom alone ...
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How did temple priests and visitors go about relieving themselves without desecrating the sanctity of the Beit Hamikdash?

Judaism has very strict rules around human waste and separating God from such things. You may not even speak God's names within a restroom. This leads to my question regarding the temple priesthood ...
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What is considered learning Torah in the bathroom?

It is prohibited to learn Torah in the bathroom (source needed). How far does this prohibition go? Are we not allowed to say pesukim, but allowed to think them? Is there a difference between tanach ...
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Facebooking in the bathroom

It is forbidden to think, speak or read words of Torah while using the bathroom as per Shulchan Aruch O:C 85:2 [based on Shabbos 40b] If a person is using the bathroom and they know that from time to ...
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What is the status of Koheles and Shir HaShirim in the bathroom?

Depending on the Tanna, Koheles and Shir HaShirim might not be considered a part of Tanach, but merely written from Shlomo HaMelech's wisdom. Therefore, unlike books of Tanach, one who touches these ...
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On moist and dry plants (שבת פב ע״א)

The Bavli, Shabas 82 amud 1: If before him [after defecating] were a pebble and grasses — [the proper course of action was a matter of dispute between two amoraim,] R. Chisda and R. Hamnuna. One [of ...
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Are there any sources that say to wash hands with soap after the bathroom?

Are there any sources in Rabbinic literature that mention washing hands with soap after using the bathroom? I.e that just using the cup (נטילת ידים) isn't sufficient. An explicit statement would be ...
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Did Miriam's well waters cause a need to use bathroom?

IIRC, the Manna was miraculously and wastelessly absorbed by the body. Did the water they drank from Miriam's miraculous well also possess miraculous properties and was wasteless or it was regular ...
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Why do the laws of kevod seforim apply to physical seforim but not digital?

I may have some trouble asking this question. I understand that the laws of kavod seforim (respecting holy texts; i.e., not bringing a book of Torah into the bathroom) do not apply to tapes, etc. (...
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kohanim mikvah after bathroom

Rabbi Shlomo Calerbach says kohanim would go to the mikvah after going to the bathroom And that Rav Yoel the satmar Rebbe also did this Looking for written sources for both of these ideas https://...
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Reward for saying Asher Yatzar

Is saying Asher Yatzar, the blessing after using the bathroom, something that one will get rewarded for? Will one get rewarded for each time he said Asher Yatzar? Please cite sources.
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Learning Derashos or Pshat of Alternate Readings of Tanach

Background: In this week's Parsha (Devarim 11:4), the Chizkuni says the following: אשר הציף מי ים סוף על פניהם ברדפם אחריהם – ברדוף המים אחרי המצרים, והיינו דכתיב: נערמו מים, שתרגם אונקלוס: חכימו מיא,...
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Would reading a seforim catalog in the bathroom be prohibited?

You aren't supposed to study Torah or even think about Torah thoughts while in a place of uncleanliness, such as the bathroom. (See here and here.) But what about a catalog that sells seforim such as ...
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Bedikat Chametz in the Bathroom

One cannot think about Torah in the bathroom, as per which cites Berachot 26a, Shabbat 150a, Rambam Kriat Shema 3:4. This "thinking" seems to ...
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