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Shimon ben Kosiba, commonly known as Bar Kochva, led a failed revolt against the Romans in circa 132–136 CE.

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Rabbi Akiva seeing Bar Kochba sleeping on his back?

I once saw it in some sefer that Rabbi Akiva saw Bar Kochba sleeping on his back (not on his side) and then he knew that he wasn't Mashiach. Does anyone know where this is written? I'm pretty sure its ...
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When Rebbe Akiva anointed Shimon Bar Kochba as Messiah, what would that ceremony have looked like?

I am studying the early post-second temple period, and I am curious as to what sort of ceremony Rebbe Akiva would have performed when he decided to anoint Shimon Bar Kochba (at that time, to the best ...
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Should Moshiach be Gdol Hador according to Rambam and R' Akiva?

Rambam Melachim 11 states that Moshiach should be one who studies Torah: "וְאִם יַעֲמֹד מֶלֶךְ מִבֵּית דָּוִד הוֹגֶה בַּתּוֹרָה וְעוֹסֵק בְּמִצְוֹת כְּדָוִד אָבִיו." "Now, if a king should ...
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