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Balak the King of Moab when the Jews were in the Midbar

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Will the donkey of Moshiach talk?

B"H The question and answer here Touch on the idea that the donkey that Moshe rode (his family and placed his belongings on (not him himself, the ...
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Why Ruth is called Ruth, the Moabite, when Balak, her direct male-line ancestor, was actually a midianite?

Rashi (Bamidbar 22.4.) says, that Balak was a midianite and Gemara (Sanhedrin 105:) says that he was a direct male-line ancestor of Ruth. Why then Ruth is called Ruth, the Moabite?
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Why didn't Balak request Bilam to bless his own people?

When Balak summons Bilam, he says, "For I know that whomever you bless will be blessed and whomever you curse shall be cursed." This implies that Balak understood that Bilam's main strength was in ...
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