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Ayin hora - evil eye

I have observed a Phenomenon among older Eurpoean Jewry ( i.e. Yiddishe mammes and bubbes) not to display pictures of their children or grandchildren ( eineklach) in open areas for fear of ayin hora. ...
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Does Ayin Harah have an expiration date or does it last forever?

Say you boasted about your great job to a friend. The friend gave you ayin harah. Does this ayin harah expire eventually or does it last forever?
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Are these Sheimos Hashem?

Someone just showed me an "ayin hara necklace" that has the words "אלד" and "סאל" on the charm and asked me to explain what it means. What are those words? (Some websites ...
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Who does the evil eye apply to?

In many places in the Sources we are told that the "evil eye" does not apply to the descendants of Joseph. For example, when Rabbi Yoḥanan boasted about his beauty: The Rabbis said to him: ...
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Rue and the evil eye

Pele Yoetz by Rabbi Papo states that the plant ruta/ruda, (pegim in Hebrew) Is mesugel neged ayin hara and witchcraft to whoever carries it. In practice I've heard of mekkubalim carrying this plant ...
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How are things such as evil eyes/dark attachments/evil handled in Jewish tradition?

While the topic isn't discussed heavily in modern Judaism (outside of the evil inclination) the idea that there are dark forces which can negatively impact and overwhelm individuals is a very real ...
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