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2 answers

Is hamsa allowed?

Does the Halacha allow the use of a hamsa as a good luck charm, considering that it originated as a Muslim symbol?
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1 answer

What is "בלי עין הרע"?

After mentioning that someone has been benefited by God in some way — say, with longevity or good looks or wealth — people often add the Hebrew "בלי עין הרע" ("without the evil eye") or ...
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3 answers

Ayin Hara indifference

If someone does not care about it, does Ayin Hara affect him?
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Ayin Hara - The evil eye - Hocus Pocus

There are people that do some sort of procedure with lead that they claim gets rid of Ayin Hara. Is this hocus pocus or true?
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14 votes
4 answers

Is there a source in the gemara for "Blei Gissen" (pouring lead)?

A recent article in the 5 Towns Jewish Times claims Blei gissen, the technique of pouring lead to nullify ayin ha’ra, the poisonous evil eye, has its source in the Gemara ... In his critique of ...
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Is there a source for not buying things for a baby before it is born?

Is there any source for the custom to not buy things for a baby before it is born? I have heard that the reason is due to averting ayin hara, but I would like to know if there is any recorded source ...
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1 answer

Father and son - Hagbah and Gelilah, Pesicha for two Torahs

The Shulchan Aruch 141:6 writes that from a halachic standpoint a father and son may have aliyos back-to-back, however due to the worry of ayin harah we don't allow it. The Misnah Brurah and Be'er ...
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Whence "בלי עין הרע"?

What is the source, or earliest reference, I guess, of using the phrase, "בלי עין הרע"?
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3 votes
3 answers

Hiding pregnancy during the first 3 months

There is a tradition - or whatever you may call it - not to tell people about your pregnancy early on. First off, is there a Torah basis to it? Or just common sense? (if things go wrong people will ...
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How to remedy a case of possible Ayin Hara?

If someone gave you a bunch of compliments that you suspected might be based on some jealousy, what can you do to ward off any possible Ayin Hara--at the time the compliments were given or afterwards?
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