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An important twelfth century Jewish grammarian, philosopher, poet, and exegete. Most famous for his Biblical commentaries.

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Binyan identification in Ibn Ezra on Vayikra 18:3

Vayikra 18:3, with the phrase on which Ibn Ezra elaborates bolded: כמעשה ארץ-מצרים אשר ישבתם-בה לא תעשו וכמעשה ארץ-כנען אשר אני מביא אתכם שמה לא תעשה ובחקתיהם לא תלכו Ibn Ezra: שלא ירגיל אדם ללכת ...
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What was the Purpose of God's Delayed Making of the Human Epidermis, Dermis, and Hypodermis?

After sinning, Adam and Eve realized they were naked, exposed, and sewed together makeshift fig leaf coverings. Apparently, this covering barely did the job because when God confronts them, Adam ...
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Would the Exodus generation not have entered Canaan/spent years in the desert irrespective of sin?

R Avraham ibn Ezra and Rambam both posit that the Israelite slaves that left Egypt were not upto the task of war and needed to die out and be replaced with more courageous progeny (ibn Ezra) and/or ...
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What is the source for this Ibn Ezra on miracles

A rabbi wrote on Facebook that according to the Ibn Ezra the belief in miracles derogates from the perfection of God. The rabbi explains: Accordingly, we do not rely on supernatural miracles to ...
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English translation of Ibn Ezra's Torah commentary

I'm trying to look for a book with Ibn Ezra's commentary on the Torah, with both Hebrew, and English translations. However, I can't find one. Could anyone recommend a book which has this?
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Ibn Ezra on Vayikra 26:45

Can someone help me understand the first Ibn Ezra on the pasuk? The pasuk: וזכרתי להם ברית ראשנים אשר הוצאתי־אתם מארץ מצרים לעיני הגוים להית להם לאלקים אני ה׳ But I will remember for them the ...
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How does Saadia Gaon explain עדה וצילה?

אבן עזרא על בראשית ד׳:י״ט:א׳ implies that Saadia Gaon has an explanation of the names עדה וצלה. Do you know where I could find that?
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According to Ibn Ezra, does Ovadiah predict drastic population changes of other religions?

I recently learned that Edom today means the Christians. See for example Ibn Ezra This prophecy contains the decree made against Edom, that is, against the empire of Rome and Constantinople, who are ...
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R. Saadia's position on mythological beasts

In parshat Sh'mini, there is a list of birds that are considered not to be eaten. The text lists (in 11:13) אֶת־הַנֶּ֙שֶׁר֙ וְאֶת־הַפֶּ֔רֶס וְאֵ֖ת הָעׇזְנִיָּֽה In the Artscroll, the commentary reads ...
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Hashem vindicates Sarah's jealousy?

According to the Ibn Ezra (21,9), Sarah's demand to banish Yishmael was based purely on jealousy. Why would Hashem agree with her and instruct Avraham to send him away?
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Borders of Eretz Yisrael: Ibn Ezra

In his commentary on תהלים פרק צח פסוק ג - Psalm 98:3, Ibn Ezra writes as follows: זכר, כל אפסי ארץ - כנגד מקומות הישוב שהם שבעה גבולות בצפון ואחד בדרום I have been unable to determine which גבולות, ...
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Who is Filwarg?

I have seen a number of articles on Ibn Ezra that quote a supercommentator known as "Jonah Filwarg" (usually just referred to as "J. Filwarg") who wrote a book known as "Bnei ...
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How many days did Esther fast?

How many days did Esther fast? Avraham ibn Ezra said it was two days and two nights. And Maharal said it was 70 hours of fasting. How do you reconcile these arguments (opinions)? Is it possible to ...
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Ibn Ezra List of Secrets

Often times, Ibn Ezra will say something to the effect of "There is a secret here", and provide perhaps a few terse phrases by way of explanation. For example, there is his famous Sod ...
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Rabbi Avraham Hachozeh and his book

A friend of mine is looking for information on a rabbi he saw mentioned in the book "Chochmat Hanefesh" by Rabbi Elazar of Worms (most famous for his "Sefer Haroke'ach"). In the ...
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How essential is it to accept the reliability of the text of the Torah?

(Related to Are Muslims fit to be Noahides?. ) The question came up there, are the Muslims heretical (in our view) because they reject our Torah as we currently have it? This is based on a gemara ...
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Looking for Ibn Ezra Riddle

I'm looking for the Hebrew of an Ibn Ezra riddle related to fast days: "the short, the long, the black, the white, the man, the woman." Does anyone have a source, or the Hebrew for this? ...
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Did the Shadal use a razor to shave his beard?

I have heard that the Shadal used a razor to remove his beard, justifying it for himself through the Ibn Ezra's interpretation of Vayikra 19:27 that the prohibition would only be for shaving the beard ...
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According to Ibn Ezra should we not follow all the commandments?

In a question I asked (“Health benefits for eating kosher”), I wrote that ibn Ezra said that all the mitzvot have to have a rational explanation for them and if a single commandment went against ...
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Are Abraham Ibn Ezra and Moshe Ibn Ezra related? [closed]

Are these two figures of Jew tradition related, and if so, can anyone point me to any encyclopedia articles which deal with this question?
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Clarification on Ben Ezra's cancellation of the idea of grammatical gender

To continue the topic of "genders in Hebrew" I stumbled upon Torah Temima's commentary on the Posuk "דרך ילכו בה" and his citation of Ben Ezra: "את הדרך ילכו בה. [מכאן דדרך לשון נקבה] כטמדלא כתיב ...
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Sources of Ibn Ezra in England [closed]

I am looking for sources on ibn Ezra's travels and biography. In particular his visit or passage to England. Wiki states the he came to London and Oxford. Where would a more authentic source be found?
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Fourth Kingdom is Aram/Yishmael

Someone pointed out to me the commentary of Ibn Ezra to Daniel 2:39. In that verse Daniel is understood to be describing the ארבע מלכיות or the four kingdoms. I always understood these four kingdoms ...
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Ibn Ezra: Moshe = Monius?

Ibn Ezra in his commentary to Shemos 2:10 says that the name Moshe was a translation of the Egyptian "Monius". I have, then, two questions: 1) Where does he get that his name was that? And 2) how is ...
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Harsh Critiques by Ibn Ezra [closed]

Can we attempt to compile a list of the sharp responses and lines by the Ibn Ezra throughout Tanach? These are valuable (to me, anyways) for a couple of reasons: Understanding what Ibn Ezra thought ...
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Finding a source for a palindrome attributed to Ibn Ezra

There is a phrase that is popularly attributed to Rabbi Avraham ibn Ezra. Apparently, it relates to a sugya in Hullin that concerns the permissibility of eating honey in which the legs of bees might ...
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Shabbos sent a letter to Ibn Ezra

I heard in a shiur that Shabbos sent a letter to Ibn Ezra. Can anyone find the text of the letter or if it exists, and/or summarize it and find out who the source for this legend is?
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