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Who authored the 13 Ani Maamin's?

The Rambam in his Hakdama to his Pirush on Perek Chelek in Mesechtas Sanhedrin mentions the points of belief a Jew must have. To the best of my knowledge these are the basis of the well-known ...
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Who is the author of "How to Get Deeper into Torah Without Falling Off the Deep End"?

In a short pamphlet (which became quite famous) called "How to Get Deeper into Torah Without Falling Off the Deep End" -- first published in 1994 by Laser Pages Publishing -- the author, who ...
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Who wrote the kinnah that contrasts leaving Egypt and leaving Jerusalem?

In most collections of kinnot that are read on Tisha b'Av, there is one titled אש תוקד בקרבי (text, text, and English translation) that poetically contrasts the joy we felt when being liberated from ...
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Ran comments on Gemara Masechet Shabbath

I did learn several comments of Rishonim on a Suggia in Masechet Shabbath and read a footnote (from Harav Moshe Hershler) on the Ramban (Edition Hamachon Hatalmud Haisraeli). He refers to a comment by ...
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Who originally speculated that the Orchos Tzaddikim's author was a woman?

I recall hearing (as well as saw from this link) that it has been speculated that the author of the Orchos Tzaddikim was a woman. Did someone originally posit this idea, or is it a rumor that has ...
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Who compiled and arranged the Ashkenaz Kinnos?

The Kinnos read nowadays on Tisha B'Av seem to have been standardized more or less amongst Ashkenazim to the same 40-odd kinnos, but it obviously wasn't always the case. Many of the Kinnos were ...
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Who composed this common melody for Shema' in the Musaf Kedushah (n. Ashkenaz)?

Who composed the melody for the Hu Elokeinu part of the Shema' section of Kedushah recited at Musaf on Shabbath and Yom Tov, which is demonstrated in this recording (at about the 6:19 mark)?
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How do I find "Frum" Authors and their Novels on Amazon Kindle?

I am a big reader. Was only able to find around 30 novels in Amazon Kindle through searching by these 3 authors: Ruth Benjamin, Chaim Walder, & Ruthie Pearlman. Where do I get a full list of "...
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Oft-Repeated Rabbi and East to West Distance Story, what's the source?

There are countless references to this story, often in the context of teshuvah: There once was a rabbi who said to his students: “we are as far from where God wants us to be as East is from West”? And ...
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What is the justification for deception, by opinions that view the Zohar is a 13th century work (not Tannaic), but still valid and holy?

I really do not wish to repeat any of the general discussions about Zohar authorship in any of the questions that discuss that. What I would like to know is the following very specific point: Given ...
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How can Psalm 132 reference David and imply that it was written by Solomon?

The gemora in Bava Basra 14b lists 10 people that co-authored Tehillim with David דוד כתב ספר תהלים ע"י עשרה זקנים ע"י אדם הראשון על ידי מלכי צדק ועל ידי אברהם וע"י משה ועל ידי הימן וע&...
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