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Asereth Hashvatim or the Ten Tribes are the ten tribes who formed the splinter Kingdom of Israel in the time of Rehoboam and Jeroboam and eventually came to be exiled into regions unknown by the Assyrians during the 8th century BCE.

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Should the Ten Tribes observe Chanuka and Purim?

Assuming we will, at some point, be reunited with some or all of the exiled Ten Tribes of Israel, will we expect them to celebrate holidays that are specifically Judaic in nature, by which I mean that ...
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What happened to the Aseres HaShevatim?

What happened to the Aseres HaShevatim? Where are they now? Are they in 10 different locations? Do they still know they are Jewish?
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Parallel between the 12 tribes of Israel and the 12 princes of Ishmael?

Genesis 35:22 ויהי בשכן ישראל בארץ ההוא וילך ראובן וישכב את בלהה פילגש אביו וישמע ישראל ויהיו בני יעקב שנים עשר And it came to pass, while Israel dwelt in that land, that Reuben went and lay with ...
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Rabbi Saadia Gaon on the 10 Lost Tribes

I have read that Rabbi Saadia Gaon, a great sage who lived from 882 to 942, considered the Assyrian Exile to be in modern day Afghanistan, Pakistan, and parts of Iran. Would anyone be able to confirm ...
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What would have been the nature of the religion of Galileans in the second temple period?

My understanding is that Hosea 1 describes the northern tribes (aka Israel, as opposed to Judah), as covenantally dead: Hosea 1:6-9 And she conceived again and bore a daughter, and He said to him: ...
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Is everyone today from two or three tribes?

I am a little hazy on the division of the ten tribes and the two tribes. Is everyone today from the two "nonlost tribes"? Are only Yisraelim? Is it possible Jews today are from the other ...
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Rabbi Yosef Maman and the Bukharian Jews

According to Wikipedia, Rabbi Yosef Maman, a Shad"ar who came to Bukhara in the late 18th century, discovered that the Bukharian Jews believed they were descendants of the Ten Tribes and used the ...
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Maharal of Prague on 10 Lost Tribes of Israel

I have read that Rabbi Yehuda Loewe (d. 1609), the “Maharal of Prague,” taught that we will never discover the lost tribes of Israel by searching. He explained that the exile of the ten tribes is a ...
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Are the lost tribes of Israel still obligated to this day to keep the 613 mitzvot?

We know that all 12 tribes of Israel (The tribe of Benjamin and Judah plus the 10 lost tribes) were given the Torah at Mount Sinai. And we know that since the destruction of the first temple all ...
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