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Asereth Hashvatim or the Ten Tribes are the ten tribes who formed the splinter Kingdom of Israel in the time of Rehoboam and Jeroboam and eventually came to be exiled into regions unknown by the Assyrians during the 8th century BCE.

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What happened to the Aseres HaShevatim?

What happened to the Aseres HaShevatim? Where are they now? Are they in 10 different locations? Do they still know they are Jewish?
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Should the Ten Tribes observe Chanuka and Purim?

Assuming we will, at some point, be reunited with some or all of the exiled Ten Tribes of Israel, will we expect them to celebrate holidays that are specifically Judaic in nature, by which I mean that ...
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What would have been the nature of the religion of Galileans in the second temple period?

My understanding is that Hosea 1 describes the northern tribes (aka Israel, as opposed to Judah), as covenantally dead: Hosea 1:6-9 And she conceived again and bore a daughter, and He said to him: ...
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