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The opinion that microwaves don't need to be kashered

So I remember hearing this opinion that followed like this: "Microwaves do not need to be kashered because the means of cooking in a microwave are different than those spoken about in the Gemara." ...
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Un-kosher pan in a kosher oven

If someone has a perfectly kosher oven which is designated only for dairy and parve meals. He accidentaly put there a non-kosher pan with some dairy food. What now, is his oven still kosher after that?...
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Kashering a stove

The common custom I have noticed is for people to use the same stove top for meat and dairy. However, people also claim you need to kasher a stove top before use. How are these two positions not ...
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Which model of Slow Cooker is kosher for Shabbat use?

There are multiple types of slow cookers and crock pots and I'd like a recommendation of a specific one that can be used for Shabbat. I remember reading about the popular type of slow cooker with ...
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Why does רש״י say (שבת דף לז ע״א) stoves were moveable and put on the ground?

The Bavli, Shabas 37 amud 1, wonders about the permissibility of placing a pot of food adjacent to a stove-oven (rather than atop or in it). איבעיא להו מהו לסמוך בה תוכה וגבה אסור אבל לסמוך בה ...
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Choosing a microwave oven (e.g.) for ease of kashering

As far ask I can tell, I have a new twist on the already abundant microwave oven literature here at Mi Yodeya. So please be not quick to mark this question a duplicate. My question is this. I am ...
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Warming Zone on Stove on Shabbat

A stove is a gas stove but has both an electric warming drawer as well as an electric "warming zone" surface. The warming zone is in the middle of the stove - sort of a glass top - and can be set ...
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