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Jewish expressions taken from written or oral tradition.

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the difference between the wise and the clever

Someone, years ago, told me the difference between the chacham (wise) and the pikeach (clever) men; the chacham does not enter, where a pikeach knows how to escape from. (החכם לא נכנס, משם פיקח יודע ...
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What is the meaning of the saying "two Jews, three opinions?" [closed]

There is an old saying that goes something like "ask two Jews, you'll get three opinions." What is the meaning of it? More specifically, why the numbers two and three, as opposed to "ask two Jews, ...
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Understanding a Hebrew expression: בטלה דעתו אצל כל אדם

The Bartenura, in his commentary to Kelim 27:3, notes that the rules concerning the admixture of cloth with sack, sack with leather and leather with matting only apply to those specific combinations ...
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Sefer HaMiddot - Has anyone successfully sourced each aphorism?

Sefer HaMiddot A.K.A. Aleph-Bet Book (Sefer Ha-Alef Bet, Book of Traits), was Rebbe Nachman’s first work, a collection of aphorisms on the various character traits, positive and negative, as well as ...
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Where is an online collection of Jewish adages?

Is there a free, online collection or compendium of Jewish aphorisms or adages? If so, please provide a link. By "aphorism or adage," I mean a single-sentence expression of a key life truth, value or ...
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Jewish saying: "To be lenient when you should be firm is to be cruel when you could be kind."?

I heard today there is an old Jewish saying that goes something like this: “To be lenient when you should be firm is to be cruel when you could be kind.” This, as so many Jewish ...
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