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Questions tagged [androgynous]

For questions dealing with people with both male and female organs.

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Shelo Asani Isha for an intersex who becomes a man

According to the first comment to this answer there’s responsa from the Tzitz Eliezer where he says that a Jew born with both man and woman characteristics can choose their gender (not transgender, ...
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How is אנדרוגינוס/Androgynus possible? [closed]

I was wondering, how is the case of אנדרוגינוס possible. Isn't the person a male if he has the אבר המין הזכרי?
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Implications of gradual gender change at age 12

In the village of Salinas, Dominican Republic, about 2% of the females (as determined by external genitalia) gradually morph into males at age 12.[​1][​2] If such a child was Jewish and accepted as ...
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If my ox gores an androgynous, am i liable?

(Playing devil's advocate with this question.) In Shmot 21:31, Rashi says: לפי שנאמר והמית איש או אשה, יכול אינו חיב אלא על הגדולים, תלמוד לומר או בן יגח וגו' , לחייב על הקטנים כגדולים: The Torah ...
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What type of name should an androgynous be given?

An androgynous that has both signs of a male and female, should they be given a female name, a male name, or a "neutral" name (like "simcha" or "yona".) Is there any makor for this? (I realize this ...
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Androgynal self-impregnation

Is a naturally self-impregnated androgynus's child a mamzer?
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How is the body of a androginus or tumtum hung?

If an androginus (person possessing both sex organs) or tumtum (person of unspecific gender) is punished by beis din for a capital case and then hung, how is the body displayed? Like a man (naked but ...
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What does an androginus or tumtum say in Birkot HaShachar?

Regarding the sex-dependant blessing shelo asani isha / she'asani kirtzono in the Birkot HaShachar, what does an androginus or a tumtum say? Do these people of ambiguous sex use the text normally used ...
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