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laws of asking a Gentile to do a Melacha on Shabbos/Yomtov

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If someone switches off a light and then switches it back on for a Jew on Shabbat

If someone switches on a light for a Jew in a dark room on shabbat, the Jew would be obligated to leave the room to avoid benefiting from the light (I won't bring up the exceptions and details here). ...
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Benefiting from a non-Jew's labor on Shabbat

I understand that if a non-Jew performs labor on Shabbes for a Jew, the Jew cannot benefit from that labor - but what if it was performed for a group of people, only one/some of whom are Jewish? For ...
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Early Shabbos Amira lakum

If a Jew made early Shabbos, I see the mechaber in OC 263:17 says that one may ask a Jew to do melacha for him (assuming he did not accept Shabbos yet). Would the same hold true of asking a non-Jew to ...
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Mishna brurah Siman 243:1

Can someone clear this up for me: The MB in the 243 intro says that all heter ways to allow the work of schirus (renter) is only permissible when he pays a lump sum including the shabbos sum in one ...
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Can a gentile work for a Jew on Shabbat?

There is a rabbinic decree that a Jew may not ask a gentile, right before Shabbat, to do work for him because he might do it on Shabbat [Gittin 8b]. But in the Mishna [Shabbat 1:8] Hillel allows it, "...
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Amira L'Akum not on Shabbat

One may not ask a non-Jew to do an action on behalf of the Jew if the action is assur on Shabbat (a gross over simplification, I know). This would constitute Amira L'Akum (or Nochri). Is there a ...
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Eating frozen dinner warmed by non-Jew on Shabbos

Cruise offers kosher airline meal type meals for daily lunch and dinner. Is it halachically permissible to eat if warmed up by non-Jew on Shabbos (presumably with microwave)? I assume that warming ...
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Buying online on friday

Can you buy something from a large online retailer (eg Amazon), which employs non-Jews, on Friday if it has one-day shipping? This would force someone to do the work of mailing/transporting the ...
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Amirat goy on Shabbat in regards to electricity

Since many poskim hold that not using electricty on Shabbat is just a Minhag (Rav SZ. Aurbech), would they hold that it is 100% ok to ask a non-Jew to do things with electricity for you?
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Stopping gentile from doing borer on Shabbos

Consider the following situation. A shul makes a large Kiddush every Shabbos morning after Davening. They have many food items that need to be prepared and set up for the Kiddush however the ...
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Amira Lakum: say you can't say?

One is not allowed to tell a non-Jew to do a melacha on shabbas, but one can hint and say "it is cold in here", hoping he will realize and shut the air conditioner. Is one allowed to explain to the ...
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Can a non Jew bake bread on Pesach for a Jew to use after Pesach?

In relation to If the last day of Passover is Friday, may I eat chametz on the Shabbat right after?, is there any problem if a non Jew bakes bread on Pesach (the Jew(s) did not ask him and can do ...
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