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Questions tagged [ahavat-hashem]

For questions pertaining to the Mitzvah of Ahavat Hashem, the love of God.

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Why does Hashem force us to follow His commandments?

I understand that we have free will and are punished for doing things that hurt others, and are rewarded for doing the right thing. What I do not understand is, why does Hashem send us to Gehinnom for ...
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How to lovingly refer to Hashem?

Due to the fact that we cannot say His ineffable name, I would like to know what are considered ways of referring to Hashem that are loving, close and personal, rather than respectful (not to say that ...
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What does loving/trusting in Hashem’s name mean? [closed]

I read in the siddur it says to love Hashem’s name or to trust in Hashem’s name. Why His name and not Hashem himself?
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How can one learn to love our Creator?

In order to fullfil Devarim 10:12 And now, Yisroel, what doth Hashem Eloheicha require of thee, but to fear Hashem Eloheicha, to walk in all His ways, and to love Him, and to serve Hashem Eloheicha ...
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Esau honored his father; why didn't he honor God?

According to the Rambam (according to Aish), the reason that the commandment to "Honor Parents" is included in the first group of the Aseret Hadibrot (Ten Commandments) is because the child-parent ...
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Elucidation On one foot

The story of Hillel's response to the potential convert who wanted the entire Torah taught to him while standing on one foot is well known. Hillel was able to summarize the Torah in the maxim, "What ...
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What is the connection between joy and divine love in Rambam's mitzva #3?

Ramba"m lists love of God as the third positive commandment in his Book of Commandments. It includes the following line, which somehow relates the comprehension of God with joy and the ultimate ...
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