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An acronym (Hebrew: ראשי תיבות, rashei teivot) is a shortened form of a phrase, usually consisting of the first letters of each word.

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Acronym for ישראל (original source)

Where was this insight originally brought down from? י = יצחק, יעקב ש = שרה ר = רבקה, רחל א = אברהם ל = לאה The earliest work I could find was שני לוחות הברית But I'm not sure if it ...
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What or who Ben Ish Hai means with נ"א?

בס"ד In his derashot[ (parashah Shoftim, 4) the Ben Ish Hai writes: "פירש הרב נ"א ז"ל".Who is this rabbi נ"א? He cites this acrostic in other places too, but in anyone ...
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יר"ה honorific for a king in Mishnah Berurah -- a reference to a specific monarch?

In סימן דש, סקכ"ו the Mishnah Berurah says as follows: במקום שהמלך יר"ה גזר שאין שום אדם... My edition of Mishnah Berurah the acronym is expanded as: "יָרוּם הוֹדוֹ", which I believe means May his ...
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The difference between Chazal and Razal

I have heard it said before that Chazal (חז"ל = חכמינו זכרונם לברכה; "our sages of blessed memory") refers to sages of the Mishna and Gemara, while Razal (רז"ל = רבנים/נו זכרונם לברכה; "our/the ...
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Why is שהחיינו called "ז" in P'sachim but "ח" in M'gila?

Why is the "שהחיינו" blessing abbreviated "ז" in Bavli P'sachim 103 but "ח" in Bavli M'gila 21? I'd expect some consistency. And it's not like "ז" makes more sense, or "ח" less sense, in P'sachim than ...
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Moreh Makom or Mar'eh Makom

A Torah source is often referred to as a M"M, which I have heard read as both מורה מקום, Moreh Makom and מראה מקום, Mar'eh Makom, (see here for example) which have similar meanings, and mean something ...
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Why do tefillin cases have the פעיה"ק and תובב"א acronyms on them?

This M.Y. question explains the meaning of 2 common acronyms that appear on tefillin cases (the storage boxes that the tefillin are put into.) (see pictures below) When did this minhag begin? Why are ...
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Identifying word sequence by initial letters

I learned from Rav ABY that the Attributes of the month of Av are Ruling permutation of the letters of the Tetragrammaton HAVAYAH : KEH (really the 8th letter) VAV YOD KEH (ditto), contained in the ...
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Time, Place and Speak

I heard from someone that מזל stands for מקום זמן לשון, (there is a) place (and) time (to) speak. Do you where this idea comes from?
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What is the מסכ"י?

While it is common to find the reshei tevot מס"כ (מסכת: -כלה, -כלאים, -כלים, -כריתות, -כתובות), it is less so to find מסכ"י. For instance, you find this in a phrase like עד כאן לשונו מסכ&...
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Use of יצ"ו, expanded to יבנה ציון וירושלים (May He build Zion and Jerusalem), how and where used?

I'm trying to remember where I have seen this (יצ"ו) used. I think it appears sometimes in sefarim, sometimes after the names of towns (not in Israel), and that the intent is to hope for the ...
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